Allegiance Fundraising Group’s Breakthrough Year: From High ROI to a $2.7 Million Deal with RevBoss


Based in Fargo, North Dakota, Allegiance empowers nonprofits to elevate their revenue, deepen supporter engagement, and expand their brand’s reach, leveraging cutting-edge digital marketing, fundraising software, and loyalty programs.

Navigating Expansion: A Diverse Challenge

Following a series of strategic acquisitions, Allegiance found itself at a crossroads, needing to diversify its client base beyond its public media roots to tap into new sectors, including higher education, arts and culture, healthcare, and more. This expansion brought a pressing need for a revamped sales strategy, a challenge Ben Lamson, Vice President of Sales, was ready to tackle head-on. 

Strategizing Success: The RevBoss Solution

Having experienced the RevBoss advantage firsthand in a previous role, Ben knew exactly where to turn to turbocharge Allegiance’s sales efforts. Alongside nurturing an internal sales team, Ben enlisted RevBoss’s expertise, lauding their relentless dedication and exceptional responsiveness. 

A Year of Phenomenal Outcomes

RevBoss and Allegiance’s collaboration set a new standard for consistency and excellence in lead generation. Averaging an impressive 20 leads per month with unwavering reliability and boasting solid open rates of 33% alongside an exceptional 13% reply rate, the partnership eliminated the concept of a “zero lead week.”

Ben highlights the transformative impact of RevBoss’s approach, emphasizing the value of casting a wide net and the agility to iterate swiftly, leading to low acquisition costs and high-quality, pre-qualified leads eager for engagement.

The Crown Jewel: A $2.7 Million Milestone

The pinnacle of this partnership was the landing of a monumental $2.7 million deal, originating from a lead nurtured by RevBoss. This achievement didn’t just mark a successful fiscal year; it symbolized a paradigm shift in how Allegiance envisioned and executed its growth strategy.

Reflecting on a Remarkable Journey

For Allegiance, the year was not just good; it was spectacular, marking a period of unparalleled growth and profitability. With RevBoss by its side, Allegiance not only shattered its previous ROI records but also set a new benchmark for what’s possible when innovative lead generation meets visionary strategy.