A Very Good Year For Allegiance

Before Allegiance Fundraising signed its latest client, it’s ROI from RevBoss was an unheard of 963%. And then things got even better.

“We just closed a 2.7 million dollar deal,” said Ben Lamson, Vice President of Sales at Allegiance Fundraising Group. That translated into some very good news, bringing the ratio to 7500% ROI. “I brought RevBoss on because we used it at my old company,” said Ben. “And now I look like a hero to the board.”

Allegiance, based in Fargo, North Dakota, helps nonprofits increase revenue, engage more supporters and grow brand reach through digital marketing, fundraising software and loyalty programs. 


After a series of acquisitions, Allegiance expanded from an all public media client base to a far more diverse portfolio that included higher education, arts & culture, healthcare, and more. 

“My job was to come in and revamp the sales team,” said Ben. “Before I brought on RevBoss, there was no lead gen engine because we were so public media focused, and they’re not making new public media stations.” The mandate was to build out a lead generation program to attract clients in a range of sectors.


Because Ben had worked with RevBoss before, he knew that the fastest way to increase sales was to outsource. “I hired an inside sales team that I trained and deployed. But I also immediately brought on RevBoss,” said Ben, who terms the team fantastic and responsive. “They were relentless in their efforts.” 


The RevBoss effort with Allegiance has been the model of consistency — with an average of about 20 leads a month and never a zero lead week. Open rates are solid, at around 33%, and reply rate is an excellent 13 percent.

RevBoss helped me cast a wide net. And it keeps my cost of acquisition low.” Ben loves how RevBoss allows him to iterate quickly. “With pre-qualified leads, people are talking to you because they’re interested in talking to you, not because you forced them into a discovery call.” 

And then there’s that small detail of a $2.7 million dollar deal that started as a RevBoss-sourced lead. It’s been an excellent, spectacular, remarkable year for Allegiance.