Agency 39A Closes $200k in the First 6 Months with RevBoss


Agency 39A is a digital transformation and digital marketing agency dedicated to propelling visions forward for leading hospitals, life sciences, and biotech sectors. They specialize in creating digital solutions that drive innovation, focusing on digital transformation, UX, and comprehensive digital marketing strategies.

Looking to Grow

Knowing how important constant outreach is when growing your business, Agency 39A stood at a crossroads, eager to expand its horizon and connect with new prospects. Despite their dedication and efforts, previous collaborations with outbound companies bore no fruit, and internal attempts at outreach strained their compact team of 15, risking the impeccable service they provided to their clients.

Expanding Their Outreach

With a treasure trove of experience from serving hundreds of clients over six years, RevBoss brought to the table a proven process, cutting-edge technology, and a team ready to hit the ground running. Our in-depth understanding of Agency 39A’s target industries enabled us to craft tailored outreach strategies, pinpointing the exact job titles and messages that would spark engagement.

This partnership was more than just expanding outreach — it was about enhancing Agency 39A’s presence without compromising the quality of their offerings. Our account manager became an extension of Agency 39A, embodying their goals and celebrating every lead as a collective victory. (Seriously — we broadcast every lead in one of our Slack channels.)

Essential and Effortless Partnership

The collaboration bore fruit immediately, with Agency 39A securing multiple high-value meetings weekly, translating to an impressive 6-8 quality leads per month. This consistent influx of opportunities wasn’t just a win — it was a game-changer. RevBoss seamlessly integrated into Agency 39A’s operations, transitioning from an external service to an indispensable part of their team, allowing Agency39A to remain laser-focused on their core mission: driving innovation and transformation for leaders in healthcare and biotech.

Within the first six months, they celebrated a monumental milestone of closing $200k, a testament to the power of strategic partnership and dedicated outreach. This success story underscores how, with the right partner, obstacles transform into stepping stones towards growth and excellence.