Agency 39A Closes $200k in the First 6 Months with RevBoss

“[RevBoss] balances the highly confusing, complicated part of what we do with engaging normal language that people really react to — [it] has a little bit of personality and a lot of horsepower.”

– Shanon Marks, CEO, Agency 39A

Looking to Grow

Knowing how important constant outreach is when growing your business, Agency 39A tried several other outreach companies to connect with new prospects. But none of it resulted in real leads.

They even attempted outreach internally. However, It was hard for them to delegate outbound marketing tasks to even one member of their lean 15-person team without sacrificing essential client tasks.

Expanding Their Outreach

When Agency 39A signed on with us, we already had a process, technology, and people in place to dive right into prospecting for their targeted industries. The learnings we’ve gathered from our hundreds of clients over the last 6+ years meant we knew the exact titles to go after and the messaging that would resonate with them.

We helped expand their outreach and awareness without tapping into existing resources that would affect the quality digital transformation and UX that their clients had come to expect.

Our Account Managers are what set us apart from other outbound services. They treat each customer relationship as if they’re an outbound marketing arm of our client’s businesses. When Agency 39A sees a lead, it’s a true win for us. (Seriously — we celebrate each lead in one of our Slack channels.)

All of this added up to some out-of-this-world results.

Essential and Effortless Partnership

Every week since our partnership began, Agency39A has booked multiple meetings through our outbound marketing efforts. (They’re seeing 6-8 high-quality leads a month on average.)

We’ve become such an essential (and effortless) part of their business, they don’t even consider it a business expense anymore. We’re just part of their team and this is how they do outbound.

We love being the outreach and awareness team for Agency39A so they can stay focused on what they do best — helping leading hospitals, life sciences, and biotechs propel their visions forward.