Revving Up Impact: How Altruist Partners Multiplied Their Mission with RevBoss


Donald Summers, the visionary founder and CEO of Altruist Partners, set out with a noble mission: to supercharge nonprofit organizations by infusing them with for-profit business strategies. His approach was groundbreaking, leading to an astonishing 25% annual growth rate for organizations under Altruist’s wing—a figure nearly unheard of in the nonprofit sector.

Facing the Hurdle: Amplifying Impact

Despite the remarkable success of its clients, Altruist Partners hit a snag when it came to broadening their own reach.  “I badly want to share the benefits of our process with more nonprofits to help them make the world a better place,” Summers shared. “But finding clients ready to scale up their impact journey proved more difficult than anticipated.” Despite exhaustive efforts—ranging from marketing collaborations, hosting webinars, to relentless social media campaigns and hiring salespeople—the quest for more leads remained elusive.

The Pivot: A Bold Move in Uncertain Times

In a bold stroke of faith during the uncertainty of April 2020, Summers decided to act on a pitch from RevBoss, dubbing it his “marketing Hail Mary.” With RevBoss’s promise of agility and precision, the onboarding process was swift and promised a new horizon for Altruist.

A Turnaround Story: From Drought to Deluge

RevBoss’s strategy quickly bore fruit, transforming Altruist’s lead generation from a trickle to a flood. Starting with a focus on local Seattle organizations, the initiative rapidly expanded, with RevBoss funneling half a million dollars worth of potential clients into Altruist’s pipeline within just four months.

“Every week I was getting three, four or five qualified clients. RevBoss completely altered the trajectory of my business,” Summers exclaimed. “I’m not exaggerating. I was dejected after years of marketing underperformance, and now I found a pathway to help many more nonprofit leaders transform their organizations.”

The metrics spoke volumes: a nearly 50% unique open rate and a staggering 10X return on investment within six months. Such was the efficacy of RevBoss’s strategy that Altruist found itself in the enviable position of needing to pause the service, overwhelmed by the surge of leads and potential clients. 

Beyond Numbers: A Mission Fulfilled

More than the tangible business growth, the partnership with RevBoss brought invaluable benefits. Web traffic to Altruist quadrupled, stress levels plummeted, and a path to fulfilling their true mission emerged. For Summers and his team, the collaboration with RevBoss wasn’t just about growth; it was about enabling them to do their best work, expanding their capacity to empower change makers across the globe.

In this partnership, Altruist didn’t just find a lead generation service; they discovered a catalyst for their mission, proving that even in the most challenging times, a leap of faith can lead to transformational success.