Baker & Hill Wins $200k in Closed Deals with RevBoss

We get a lot of great responses and meetings. They’re not throwing a bag of cash at us every time, but if we can keep those relationships going we will get jobs from most of those folks.”

– Clint Baker, Owner and Creative Directory, Baker & Hill

Understandably Cautious

After 20 years of sustaining themselves on referrals and repeat business, Baker & Hill finally decided it was time to do some outreach. They were understandably cautious when looking around for a lead generation partner.

After speaking with several lead gen companies, RevBoss stood out to Baker & Hill because 1) our personalities meshed well (what’s not to love) and 2) we understood what they were about and how to help them.

Success from the Start

Through our special sauce of prospecting and personable messaging, we started reaching the right targets out of the gate. The Baker & Hill team especially loved the messaging as it matched up with their own personality.

The phenomenal work on Baker & Hill’s website certainly didn’t hurt — and is frequently referenced in both leads and “no thanks” replies alike.

Campaigns continue to do consistently well for Baker & Hill, with the most successful industry target being museums, where we lean heavily on their past experience in that space.

A Validating Experience

In the first half of 2022 alone, Baker & Hill has seen a whopping $200k in closed deals from RevBoss leads — including a 70k project for the internationally recognized design firm Gallagher & Associates.

But it’s not all about numbers. Since the messaging resonates so well, the meetings coming out of our leads are top quality, says Baker & Hill.

It’s also been an incredibly validating experience for them: “We’re realizing people are interested out there, it’s a great feeling. Just knowing that all these groups are responding and like the work we do and have interest in working with us at some point, there’s value in that.”