Baker & Hill Wins $200k in Closed Deals with RevBoss


Baker & Hill is a design company that specializes in using animation and motion graphics to communicate visually, with many high-profile clients including Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and The World Bank.

Embarking on a New Journey with a Touch of Hesitation

Imagine thriving for 20 years purely on referrals and repeat business. That was the reality for Baker & Hill, a testament to their quality and reliability. Yet, as the landscape of business evolved, they recognized the need to branch out. Venturing into the realm of lead generation was a bold step, and they were understandably cautious when trying to find a partner who wasn’t just another vendor but a true ally in growth.

The Search Ends with a Perfect Match

Enter RevBoss — the name that emerged from a sea of contenders, not just for their success in lead generation but for something more elusive: a genuine connection. It was this blend of personality fit and a deep understanding of Baker & Hill’s ethos that sealed the deal. RevBoss wasn’t just another service provider; they were a partner poised to amplify Baker & Hill’s unique voice and vision.

A Collaboration That Hit the Ground Running

From the outset, RevBoss demonstrated their ‘special sauce’ — a potent mix of targeted prospecting and engaging, personality-driven messaging. It wasn’t long before the right people started paying attention. Baker & Hill’s message, echoing their distinct identity, resonated deeply, opening doors to meaningful conversations and opportunities. The phenomenal work on Baker & Hill’s website also helped impact engagement and is frequently referenced in both leads and “no thanks” replies alike.

Striking Gold in Experienced Territories

The campaigns were a hit, consistently delivering results and proving especially potent in the museum sector, where Baker & Hill’s prior experience gave them an edge. The highlight? A staggering $200,000 in deals closed within the first half of 2022 alone, punctuated by a landmark $70,000 project with the globally renowned Gallagher & Associates.

More Than Just Numbers: A Journey of Validation and Discovery

Yet, the true essence of this partnership transcended the impressive figures. For Baker & Hill, the journey with RevBoss was one of affirmation and discovery. The quality of meetings and conversations sparked by RevBoss’s leads was unparalleled, each interaction a testament to the resonance of their message. This experience was not just about realizing potential revenue but about understanding the broader impact of their work and the recognition it deserved.

A Testament to the Power of Connection and Strategy

Reflecting on this journey, Baker & Hill recognized the profound value in reaching out, in making connections that mattered: “We’re realizing people are interested out there, it’s a great feeling. Just knowing that all these groups are responding and like the work we do and have interest in working with us at some point, there’s value in that.”

In partnership with RevBoss, Baker & Hill didn’t just find a lead generation service; they discovered a catalyst for growth, validation, and the realization that their voice resonated far beyond their existing circles.