BLASTmedia Customer Story

$1 Million and Counting…

When you run a business aimed at a very specific clientele, locating the right prospects feels like an overwhelming task. BLASTmedia is a public relations agency that services B2B SaaS clients, and because of the rapidly-growing SaaS market, there is an immense pipeline of potential new opportunities.


Three years ago, BLASTmedia, a 25-employee agency based in Indianapolis, needed to make a more focused outbound effort to attract new clients, as most of the agency’s new business had come from client referrals and inbound efforts. “We had no one out there researching and doing sales operations. There was no one uncovering leads on a consistent basis,” said Lindsey, who’d considered hiring a full time salesperson. 

In order to get to the next level, BLASTmedia needed a high-performance strategic partner. A professional contact  recommended RevBoss. “We had never tried working with a lead prospecting company, so we didn’t have any previous experience,” said Lindsey.  

When deciding on a solution, RevBoss was an easy choice for Lindsey. “We felt ‘sold to’ with other companies, but I really appreciated the level of transparency and the ease of the on-boarding process with RevBoss,” she said.

“We knew if we felt that way working with the internal team, then we could trust how we would be represented to potential clients.”


Because BLASTmedia had a very clear idea of its target audience, RevBoss account manager Mason Andress was able to work with the agency to craft a winning outbound messaging strategy.

RevBoss built campaigns that targeted marketing and communication leads at B2B SaaS companies, based around specific industry verticals, and campaigns around events that BLASTmedia attends, like SaaStr.


Lindsey had a goal. If RevBoss produced one client within six months, it would pay for itself.  RevBoss delivered, to the tune of 7 new clients during the first 9 months of working with BLASTmedia.

“I’m impressed that they’ve been able to consistently deliver qualified prospects and fresh ideas to us for such a long time,” said Lindsey. “Our biggest client started as a lead from RevBoss.”

Even if an initial call doesn’t pan out, it’s still a lead to add to the pipeline and other campaigns for outreach. Lindsey said, “There is extreme value in consistently building that pipeline of new contacts.” Several RevBoss leads told Lindsey to keep in touch, and 6 months to a year later, became clients. 

Fast forward to the present. It’s been three successful years in a long term relationship between BLASTmedia and RevBoss. “I would say on average, I have eight to 10 calls each month with highly qualified prospects,” said Lindsey. “Year to date, RevBoss is our second highest source of closed new business.”

BLASTmedia has generated over one million dollars in revenue from RevBoss leads over the past three years, representing a 12X return on investment.