BLASTmedia’s Journey to $1 Million with RevBoss


Established in 2005, BLASTmedia is the only PR agency in the US dedicated to B2B SaaS, representing companies from growth stage to publicly traded. 

A Quest for the Right Connections

When you run a business aimed at a very specific clientele, locating the right prospects feels like an overwhelming task. Navigating the rapidly growing B2B SaaS market, BLASTmedia faced the daunting challenge of finding its niche. The quest to connect with the ideal clientele was not just a mission; it was a necessity for survival and growth in a fiercely competitive landscape.

The Crossroads of Challenge and Opportunity

As a 25-employee agency based in Indianapolis, BLASTmedia realized they needed to make a more focused outbound effort to attract new clients, as their reliance on referrals and inbound marketing was no longer sufficient. “We had no one out there researching and doing sales operations. There was no one uncovering leads on a consistent basis,” said Lindsey, a key figure at BLASTmedia, reflecting on the need for a dedicated sales operation to propel them forward.

The search for a strategic ally led them to RevBoss, a name that came highly recommended by professional circles. Skeptical yet hopeful, Lindsey approached the prospect of partnering with a lead prospecting company, an uncharted territory for BLASTmedia.

RevBoss distinguished itself not through aggressive sales tactics but with its transparent, client-centered approach. “We felt ‘sold to’ with other companies, but I really appreciated the level of transparency and the ease of the on-boarding process with RevBoss,” Lindsey shared, highlighting how RevBoss laid the foundation of trust and mutual respect.

Crafting the Blueprint for Success

With a clear vision of their target audience, BLASTmedia and RevBoss, spearheaded by account manager Mason Andress, embarked on crafting a bespoke outbound messaging strategy. Tailored campaigns targeting key figures in the B2B SaaS sphere, alongside strategic engagement at industry events like SaaStr, marked the beginning of a prolific venture.

Results That Redefined Expectations

The goal was clear yet ambitious: secure one client within six months to justify the partnership. RevBoss, however, had grander plans, delivering seven new clients within the first nine months—a testament to the power of strategic outreach and relentless pursuit of excellence.

“Our biggest client started as a lead from RevBoss,” Lindsey remarked, underscoring the consistent stream of qualified prospects and innovative solutions that became the hallmark of their partnership.

Even if an initial call doesn’t pan out, it’s still a lead to add to the pipeline and other campaigns for outreach. Lindsey said, “There is extreme value in consistently building that pipeline of new contacts.” Several RevBoss leads told Lindsey to keep in touch, and 6 months to a year later, became clients. 

Reflecting on a Successful Alliance

Three years into this synergistic relationship, BLASTmedia not only enjoys a steady influx of highly qualified prospects—averaging eight to ten significant calls monthly—but also celebrates RevBoss as a pivotal source of new business. The numbers speak volumes: over a million dollars in revenue generated from RevBoss leads, translating to an astounding 12X return on investment.

A Milestone Celebrated, A Future Anticipated

As BLASTmedia looks back on this incredible milestone, it’s clear that teaming up with RevBoss has been about so much more than just the impressive numbers. It’s been a journey fueled by smart planning, unwavering ambition, and a partnership that truly changed the game for an agency passionate about making its mark in the fast-paced B2B SaaS PR scene.