4 Sales Blogs You Should Add to Your Reading List

3602683294_4c9c688bbcWe digest a lot of content. Our team is constantly sharing articles, how-to’s and blog posts with one another when we find things that are interesting or helpful…so we thought it might be fun to share some of our favorite resources with you!

The Filling The Funnel Blog

We love John Barrows’ blog for many reasons — he’s consistent, he writes easily-digestible content, and he includes actionable ways to improve your process. Whether you’ve been selling for 10 years or 10 days, we’re sure that you’ll find value in his posts.

Posts you should check out:

What Happens in Vegas: 11 Sales Tips I Learned After Getting Drunk And Buying A Timeshare

Annoying Persistence Versus Professional Persistence

Define Your Guiding Principles

The Groove Blog

Groove does transparency really, really well. We love reading about their startup journey as much as we love reading their posts about customer success/sales/product strategies (I mean, who doesn’t love an inside look?). Not to mention, their blog is at the top of our list if we’re ranking based solely on aesthetics.

Posts you should check out:

The 10 Golden Rules of Customer Service

How to Learn From Customer Churn (And Make Your Business Better)

How I Filter the Advice I Get About Business and Life

The BareMetrics Blog

The BareMetrics blog is another one that does transparency really well (we’re big fans of transparency, if you couldn’t tell), while also mixing in a lot of great posts about increasing revenue. It’s no coincidence that their product was built to provide subscription analytics and insights — so their posts about how to increase revenue are pretty credible. 😉

Posts you should check out:

How A Tiny Pricing Change (Not A Growth Hack) Tripled Revenues

How We Generated A $14,000 Influx of Cash In 7 Days

How Our Remote Team Stays Focused and Productive

Ian Altman

This one isn’t a “typical” blog, but if you’re not already following Ian Altman, you should start. He’s a frequent Forbes and Inc. contributor (so clearly, he’s knowledgeable and well-versed) and we love his straight-shooter style.

Posts you should check out:

When Turning Down A Customer Is The Best Thing To Do

Social Selling Tactics That Drive Away Business

Guess Where Your Customers Are Getting Answers to Their Questions

Let us know what else we should be reading!