5 Examples of B2B Emails that Work

5 Examples of B2B Emails that Work

We all know the deal with B2B email — inboxes are full (we get more than 120 messages every day!), decision makers are busy, and it’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd.

Sound bleak? It can be — unless you know how to craft B2B emails sure to grab attention.

Doing so requires the ability to get creative, strong collaboration across marketing and sales teams, and intentional placement of messages throughout the sales process. But with the right approach, you can make email an effective cornerstone of your sales strategy, and one that consistently generates leads, conversions, and sales.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 B2B emails known to yield results (with examples) so you can make them part of your own strategy going forward.

Quick Takeaways

  • B2B emails should get straight to the point and avoid unnecessary fluff content.
  • Video in email can triple click-through rates and increase meetings booked by 500%.
  • A prominent CTA can increase click-through rates by 127%.
  • Downloadable lead magnets demonstrate your brand’s value before a purchase is made.
  • Email personalization is more effective when it goes beyond automated tactics.

5 B2B Emails You Can Count On to Work

Intro emails that get to the point

Cold calling is dead — but cold email isn’t. Don’t shy away from sending a cold intro email as long as you make it effective. This typically means getting right to the point, delivering value, and including a clear ask from the recipient.

The below example from HubSpot includes all three. The sender introduces himself in the first sentence, the ask is clear, and the value is demonstrated in the demo video (allows the recipient to see exactly how the partnership could benefit him).

This example also goes to show that you don’t have to get fancy to be effective when it comes to cold email — simply being clear, direct, and engaging gets the job done.

B2B cold email example that demonstrates the effectiveness of being direct and engaging.

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Video emails

Video is the most-consumed type of content in the world and, at an increasing rate, it’s being used by B2B sales teams to level up their sales prospecting strategies. Email is one place it’s most effective — research has found that adding video to an email can boost click-through rates by 200-300%, triple response rates, and increase meetings booked by 500%.

Alt-Text: Adding video to an email can boost click-through rates by 200-300%, triple response rates, and increase meetings booked by 500%.

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Wow. Those numbers are hard to ignore.

Including video in email is a new concept for many organizations, but it’s one that’s clearly yielding results for those getting on board. This article by video messaging platform Covideo includes several great examples of how to execute in different scenarios, including sales prospecting, cold outreach, sales follow-up, and a thank you message.

Emails that include high-value content

High-value content like lead magnets (think ebooks, whitepapers, or PDF guides), newsletters, videos and more can be the difference between getting yourself noticed or quickly deleted. Why? Because content shows you’re not just interested in making a quick sale — you’re also willing to add value before a purchase even takes place.

Think of the kinds of content your audience cares about most. For example, an accounting service might include budget template spreadsheets, while a marketing service might include an ebook on how to create awesome content.

Below is a list of lead magnet ideas to inspire your future B2B emails:

List of lead magnet ideas for B2B emails, including webinars, spreadsheets, trials, free giveaways and more.

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Lead nurturing emails with strong CTAs

On average, B2B leads require 6-8 touches before they convert. That’s why lead nurturing is so critical to sales success, and email is one of the most effective channels to execute lead nurturing campaigns. Many of the tips we’ve already covered apply in lead nurturing scenarios — it’s important to get to the point, include engaging content, and deliver value.

But perhaps the most important component of a lead nurturing email as it relates to conversion is the CTA you include — the call to action telling your potential client what to do next. Without clear instructions on how to further the process, leads are much less likely to make an effort.

Making your CTA simple, straightforward, and prominent is the key to success — Campaign Monitor reports that a clickable button CTA (like the example from DropBox below) can increase click-through rates by an impressive 127%.

Alt-Text: B2B email example from Dropbox shows a CTA displayed as a clickable button.

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Highly personalized emails

There’s a fair amount of discussion around email personalization that argues it’s losing its punch — we all receive plenty of emails these days that include our first names and/or another nugget of personal information to tell us the message is just for us. 

We know it’s the result of an autofill feature and we don’t put too much stock in its meaning. But B2B emails can go beyond this level of perfunctory personalization to make email messages unique to the recipient in ways they can’t ignore.

This mainly means taking time to find out how exactly what you’re offering can be valuable to your recipient and making that clear in your email. Video messages like the ones from Covideo are a good example. So is the first example we looked at from Bryan to HubSpot.

The key: for your most high-potential opportunities, ditch the recognizably automated personalization tactics and make a more meaningful effort.

Over to You

An effective B2B email strategy starts with targeting the right leads at the right time. RevBoss’s outbound email software and lead generation services are custom-built for startups, marketing agencies, consultancies, and other B2B organizations. 

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