Introducing SaaS + SDR…

integrationsWe’re launching a new product today called SaaS + SDR.  And it is exactly what it sounds like — a SaaS subscription combined with an SDR to help drive your sales process forward.  

We’re piloting the concept with a handful of customers — the process has worked well and the feedback has been very good.  We’d love to have you give it a try.  Complete this form or keep reading to learn more.

What is SaaS + SDR?

The RevBoss app can automate much of the sales prospecting process, but in many cases a person needs to complete steps that a computer can’t do as easily or as efficiently.  

For example, even when RevBoss gets exactly the right prospect job titles at exactly the right companies, we still found that many customers need to qualify for additional criteria like product price point or number of job openings or recent customer wins.

In these cases, we could probably teach a computer to answer the questions…but it is way, way easier to have a human complete the tasks.  Hence SaaS + SDR.

How Does it Work?

With our new product, your RevBoss SDR will do your sales busywork for you.  You build your Segments and Flows, RevBoss will trigger sales tasks for your SDR, and a worker from our team completes them on your behalf.  You worry about selling and we’ll grind out the grunt work.

We’re launching the product by “automating” a few simple tasks:

  • Qualification.  Your SDR will review and qualify target companies by checking company domains and LinkedIn profiles to answer yes/no qualification questions like “Is the company hiring for sales roles?” or “Does the company take donations online?”
  • Prospect Push.  Your SDR will check each prospect for proper capitalization, proper job title, and will push them to the appropriate sales Flow.  For example, you might want to send VPs of Marketing to one Flow but Marketing Managers to a different Flow.
  • LinkedIn Outreach.  Your SDR will complete LinkedIn outreach tasks on your behalf — connection requests, profile views, content likes, etc.  All you need to do is provide some basic messaging and create the Flow steps — your SDR will take care of the rest.

In the short term, we plan to support additional SDR tasks like:

  • Data sourcing.  Your SDR can source specific data points that you can use to qualify prospects or that you can incorporate into your messaging.  For example, “I saw you’re looking for a new {{job_post_title}} — {link_to_{sales_job_posting}} — so I thought it’d be a good time to reach out.”
  • Personalization.  Your SDR can research prospects and provide customized, personalized messaging like, “Read your tweet about ‘Email Habits That are Ruining Your Life.’ I’m definitely guilty of the early morning and late night email checking — I need to stop! Thanks for sharing!”.  We’ve done lots and lots of this and it works really well.  We’re excited to roll it out soon.

We — and our customers — have found that adding an SDR to your RevBoss subscription:

  • Significantly improves your prospect data quality and qualification process.
  • Improves your sales conversations because you’re targeting more qualified prospects.
  • Saves 5 to 10 hours a week that you would otherwise spend grinding through tasks.

We’re excited about this new offering and we think that you’re going to love it.  Let us know if you’d like to learn more.