Always A/B Test Your Cold Email Messaging

Hello again

Over the last decade at RevBoss, we sent a lot of emails, to say the least, and A/B testing has been one of our many not-so-secret weapons, helping us glean a better understanding for you of what pain points and values are resonating with your titles and industries.

So if you’ve ever wondered if a straightforward intro or a more quirky, creative opening might be more effective when sending an outbound email to marketing managers and the auto industry, then let’s test it out.

We tested all of our messaging here at RedBoss and then found the difference and lead rate between the two versions we send out to almost always be significant on average.

The better-performing flow had a lead rate that’s 0.33% higher than the other version.

So if we weren’t A/B testing, we’d be sending out our weaker version of messaging first, almost half of the time, and passing up on our valuable clients and leads for you our clients.

So make sure to test and happy testing.