An Outline of What Actually Goes Into a Great Email Marketing Campaign

Outbound email marketing is an outstanding way to introduce yourself to new customers, and build pipeline for future deals.

But it’s not as simple as “turning on” Mailchimp or having someone in Marketing send an email to your whole list.

That can get spammy real quick.

Here’s a complete outline of what a proper email marketing campaign looks like.

Before You Send Any Email, Do This

Even before you start writing copy or deciding what should go into your email, you need to think about who you’re sending it to.

Seems obvious, right? But when it comes time to do sales prospecting, we suddenly forget how basic communication works.

Just like with all human interactions, know who you’re talking to, and adjust your speech accordingly.

You wouldn’t tell your mother a wild college story the same way you’d tell a close friend.

So before you start gathering your email database, do this:

  • Research Your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
  • Create Messaging based on that audience

These two bullet points are the most crucial, and most forgotten, steps in email marketing.

Next, Set up the Technical Processes

You want this to be a repeatable model.

Something that—once it’s up and running—you can rely on as a future source of pipeline.

So there are a few technical things we’ll need to do first to make your email marketing campaign run smoothly.

Here’s a quick list of these items:

  • Create and configure your domain(s)
  • Configure your inbox to receive responses in volume
  • Decide who at your company the emails will be coming from
  • Change CNAME record to accommodate DNS
  • Add DNS records to connect your domain

Don’t sweat it if you don’t understand each of these things.

Usually only one or two people—if any—understand these items when we work with a new client.

If this is you, don’t stress. (RevBoss can help.)

Continually Scale What Works

Just like when we created custom messaging for our audience in step 1, we’ll need to improve this message over time.

Generally, your best email copy doesn’t come right out of the gate.

Even with RevBoss’s researchers and creative writers, it generally takes time to nail messaging that works as desired on your ideal customer.

You’ll need to monitor things like open rate and replies, then interpret that information to know which aspect of your messaging to change.

We recommend these on first pass:

  • A/B Test Subject lines to optimize open rate.
  • Test shorter messaging (<50 words) versus longer messaging (>150 words) to see which your audience responds most positively to.
  • Try custom messaging based on individuals.

Yes, Email Marketing is Complicated

I won’t lie—this stuff is complicated.

It’s difficult to do email marketing the right way, especially in a way that’s sustainable over time.

But to really execute in a way that will serve your business ongoing, and not just once, really takes expertise.

But hey—that’s why RevBoss exists.

We do outbound the right way, which is why we’re happy to tell everyone exactly how we do it.

If you need help with outbound email marketing, just holler.

I’m confident we can help.