Lots of New RevBoss Stuff to Automate Sales Pipeline Development

It has been a couple months since our last product update and we’ve got lots to share.  Here is quick rundown of the new stuff we’ve built over the past several weeks:

Integrated 3rd Party Email Validation
Every email we source through our app runs through BriteVerify’s API before we pass it off to you.  This provides a 2nd layer of data authentication to ensure that you have quality, work-able prospect data.

Pattern-Based Email Matches
We recently began building email matches based on historical email pattern data for each domain.  For example, if we’ve matched 3 addresses at domain.com with first.last@domain.com, then we have a high degree of confidence that subsequent addresses will match this pattern.  This feature is still in its infancy and will get better and smarter over time…but we’re already seeing lift in data quantity and quality.

Clean Company Names
We’ve built an automated workflow to clean company names such that “Acme Global Corporation, Inc.” becomes “Acme” or maybe “AGC” if it is the more common name.  This feature uses a combination of machine and human processes…and saves TONS of time.

Automated Prospect & Company Suppression
Our app will now suppress specific prospects and/or companies from the prospecting process.  This ensures that we don’t source or contact prospects/companies that you already have like existing customers, current oppys, active prospects, etc.  We can suppress based on a first/last pair, an email address, or a domain.  Pretty handy stuff.

Acceptable/Unacceptable Job Titles
We’ve tuned our automated prospecting engine to seek acceptable jot titles and avoid unacceptable job titles — this has led to a noticeable improvement in on-target prospects and a drop in off-target prospects.

Automated Prospect Research
We’ve done some early work here and we’re gearing up to put some serious effort into an automated research workflow.   Our goal is to provide personalized, email-ready, narrative content with each prospect that we source so that you can deploy micro-personalized content at scale.

For example, “I read your blog post about ABC, very helpful to consider XYZ.” or “I saw that you recently raised money — $XXM is a lot of cash, congrats!” or “The ABC event in New York City looks great, good luck at the event!”.

Any of this sound interesting?  Contact Danny or Eric and will be happy to share more.