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The Strategic Guide to B2B Demand Generation

In today’s market landscape (regardless of industry) B2B brands can’t succeed without strong demand generation strategies. Prospective customers require multiple touches before they convert to a lead ... Continue Reading »

5 Criteria That Make Sales Accepted Leads Likely to Convert

Sales accepted leads (SALs) are leads that have been formally accepted by a company’s sales team. Lead acceptance typically starts the clock on the sales process, meaning ... Continue Reading »

5 Marketing Automation Tools Every CMO Needs to Look At

The COVID-19 crisis resulted in a 30 to 40 percent drop in overall marketing spend (as per various reports by Forrester and Gartner). And yet, research shows ... Continue Reading »

How to Create a Sales Pitch Deck That Wins Every Time

Every salesperson — no matter how skilled — needs a great pitch deck as part of their sales presentation. Without one, you risk losing your audience to ... Continue Reading »

Is Your Lead Generation Process Fully Data-Driven?

Why would you not use data to generate leads? Data-driven lead generation is arguably – no, actually – the best way to begin your sales funnel. Using ... Continue Reading »

5 Sales Follow-Up Techniques You Should Be Using Every Day

Overwhelming your prospects with incessant and pushy sales pitches is (hopefully) a thing of the past in sales. With consumer awareness at an all-time high, customers can ... Continue Reading »

4 Quick Fixes to Accelerate Your B2B Sales Cycle

A pipeline chock full of leads is every sales team’s dream. But lots of leads in your pipe only gets you in the game — you’ve got ... Continue Reading »

When Should You Outsource Sales Development?

If you want to build a great business, you have to build a great team. You want sales professionals passionate about your product and ready to do ... Continue Reading »

Should I Send Sales Prospecting Emails in December? Part II — Electric Boogaloo AKA Da Remix FEAT St. Nyk

It’s that time of year — Thanksgiving is around the corner, Carolina basketball is tipping off, and the sociopaths among us have already put up their Christmas ... Continue Reading »

“Do Email Open Rates Drop in December?” and Other Curiosities

Do email prospecting programs slow down in December? We (and probably you) assumed “yes” — but we thought we’d test our assumptions with data. Lots of details ... Continue Reading »
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