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Introducing Colleague Personalization

We shipped a snappy new feature a couple weeks back called colleague personalization. It works like this: You upload prospects to a segment.  Some companies will have more ... Continue Reading »

More Sales Automation Means More Prospect Personalization

You need both automation and personalization in your sales process. They’re not mutually exclusive, in fact they feed off of each other. Automate your “B” prospects.  When ... Continue Reading »

Personalized Sales Email Content — Using Mad Libs to Write Outbound Emails

When we start writing — everything from blog posts to customer stories to email cadences — it’s helpful to begin with an outline or roadmap of our ... Continue Reading »

Personalized Sales Email Content — Michael Scott’s Friendly Approach

“I was scrolling through the WePay Twitter and saw the article you shared about how 38% of financial institutions have a hard time identifying fraudulent activity. That’s ... Continue Reading »

Personalized Sales Email Content — The One-At-A-Time Approach

If you work at a startup or a tech company, you’ve probably heard Paul Graham’s advice to “do things that don’t scale” — it sounds contradictory when ... Continue Reading »

Personalized Sales Email Content — Should You Do It?

Hi, {{first_name}}, I’m {{sender_name}} @ {{company}} — {{quick value prop}}. I thought it made sense to reach out. Do you have a few minutes to chat this ... Continue Reading »

Personalized Sales Content = 50% Lift In Reply Rate

If you missed our recent post about personalizing outbound email at scale, we’ve been testing ways to make our outbound email content more personalized. We launched our current ... Continue Reading »
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