Drive Brand Awareness With Display Ads

Hi, I’m Alice, your friendly neighborhood copywriter and strategist at RevBoss.

We’re already doing the hard work and research of creating an expansive list of your ideal target customers and connecting you to them via email and linkedin.

But recently we added a third option to our offering and it’s display ads. A few days before we send out your email to a prospect, we can serve them a custom display ad first that they’ll scroll upon as they peruse the internet, planting a little seed in their mind with your company name on it.

So when your outbound email arrives, you and your company are not a complete unknown to the prospect, but our display ads have already done the groundwork of introducing your company to your prospect and they might have even clicked on the ad and followed it to your website.

By integrating display ads and outbound emails, we’re already seeing a 56% lift in lead rate on average.

Plus we’re sending more web traffic your way and driving brand awareness while we’re at it.

While you might already be doing another form of display ads, those ads aren’t guaranteed to hit your hyper targeted prospects just hours before they get an email from you like ours are.

We’re really excited about it and excited about the results we’re seeing, so let us know if you have questions and happy sending.