How to Get Bulk Email Addresses for Free: 10 Email Finder Tools to Try

How to Get Bulk Email Addresses for Free: 10 Email Finder Tools to Try

In our world of hyperconnectivity and information overload, B2B decision makers are smarter than ever about protecting their contact information online—and we can’t blame them. But for salespeople who need to communicate with prospects, difficulty obtaining email addresses can be frustrating. Email finder tools can help.

Email finder tools marry speed and scale with precise targeting and compliance with modern data privacy regulations. By using them, B2B sales teams get the best of both worlds—they can access bulk email addresses (often for free) while practicing ethical email marketing strategies and building accurate contact lists.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into what email finder tools can do for your business and explore 10 of the top tools on the market in 2024.

Quick Takeaways

  • Email finder tools streamline communication by automating the process of finding and verifying email addresses, crucial in modern B2B sales.
  • These tools offer speed, scale, and compliance with data privacy regulations, ensuring ethical email marketing practices.
  • A variety of email finder tools are available, with features ranging from domain search to integration with platforms like LinkedIn and Gmail.
  • While some tools offer free options or trials, others have affordable pricing plans tailored to different business needs, making them accessible for sales teams of all sizes.

What are email finder tools?

It used to be the case that to find email addresses for prospects, partners, or other important people, you’d have to go searching for them manually. In many instances, these manual methods still work. 

You can search for someone on Google. You can connect with them on LinkedIn and find their email address on their profile. You can scour online web directories.

And guess what? You’ll often successfully find the email you were looking for.

But there are obvious drawbacks to these methods, particularly in modern B2B sales environments, where companies need to communicate at scale with a high-volume number of contacts while still maintaining clean email lists and staying trustworthy in the way they collect and manage contact information.

That’s where email finder tools come in.They’re software tools designed to automate the process of finding and verifying bulk email addresses for prospects, partners, and other contacts, streamlining communication efforts in modern B2B sales settings.

The best part? You can be confident that email addresses found using reputable email finder tools have been found using compliant collection methods and undergo a verification process.

As a result, you can execute more successful email marketing campaigns, be sure your messages won’t get stuck in the spam folder, and avoid more serious problems like your domain getting blacklisted.

Using email finds tools is simple: you enter a single email address or upload a list of contacts to find addresses in bulk. The tool then delivers you a list or corresponding email addresses in minutes or less.

Many of these email finder tools are (at least partly) free of charge. Let’s check out 10 of the best ones to consider.

10 Email Finder Tools You Can Use for Free


Hunter is one of the most popular email finder tools on the market, as evidenced by its impressive client list—Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Salesforce, and the like. Hunter offers domain search, email finder, and email verification services (including in bulk). 

Hunter offers 25 free searches and 50 verifications per month. After that, monthly packages begin at $34 per month for starter accounts, and up to $349 for business accounts.

Clearbit Connect

Clearbit is a Chrome extension by HubSpot designed to make it easier for B2B salespeople and marketers, and recruiters to get in touch with prospects and gather valuable insights without leaving their email platform.

Clearbit offers an integrated (and thus convenient) way to search for company information and contacts, enhancing outreach and networking efforts directly within the Gmail interface.

Clearbit offers volume-based pricing that is available upon request.

Datanyze Insider

Datanyze Insider is a browser plugin made specifically for B2B sales teams, offering a suite of features designed to streamline the process of email discovery, prospect list creation, and lead management.

Datanyze stands out for its unique functionality, enabling users to highlight any name on any webpage and obtain email addresses associated with that individual. The platform predicts the most accurate email address, ensuring sales professionals can connect with their prospects more efficiently. 

Datanyze offers a range of free and premium options, including a 90 day free trial and 10 free credits per month.


Okay, so Sellhack doesn’t actually offer free features, but their paid options start as low as $3 per month (even their pro plan is only $60 per month). They also boast some well-known clients like HubSpot, Oracle, and Salesforce, highlighting the value of what they offer.

Their email finder tool includes a thorough 12-step verification process (including for bulk lists) so you can be confident the addresses you find are accurate.


ContactOut offers an email finder browser plugin as well as some really cool features integrated with LinkedIn, like the ability to save profiles and organize them into folders. You can also search directly on their platform for contacts. 

For sales teams focusing on social selling, these features make ContactOut one of the top email finder tools to try. ContactOut has some paid plans, but their free plan offers 4 emails and 2 phone numbers per day.

Additional plans include $79 per month for their “sales” plan, and custom pricing provided upon request for larger “recruiter” and “team” plans.

Find that Email

Find that Email is another email finder that operates as a Chrome extension. Like ContactOut, it offers easy integration with LinkedIn and a color-coded email finder tool that helps you evaluate the reliability of the emails it finds for you.

You can use it to search for contacts individually as needed, or upload lists in bulk for verification.

Find that Email doesn’t offer a free option, but it’s one of the most affordable tools on our list at $19 for unlimited searches/emails.


Discoverly is a free Chrome plugin that makes it easier to gather contact information from social media and email platforms. Key features include the ability to see and save complete contact information (including email addresses) from social profiles, and the ability to see mutual friends across platforms.

So, for example, you could see the mutual Facebook friends you have with your LinkedIn connections, and vice-versa. This is a powerful tool for expanding networks online and building a list of warm leads through mutual connections.

Snovio offers a versatile platform for finding emails, verifying them, and managing leads. It’s particularly useful for sales teams and marketers looking to automate their outreach efforts. Key features include email verification, domain search, and a Chrome extension for direct email extraction from websites.

Snovio offers a free tier with limited credits as well as a range of paid plans starting at $30 for the starter plan up to $3,999 for their managed service.

Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is known for high accuracy in finding email addresses, and sales teams love it because it’s straightforward to use: you provide a name and a domain in their platform, and it returns the email address. This can be done for individual contacts or for bulk email addresses.

It’s also free to try out—Voila Norbert offers 50 free credits to start, and affordable paid plans ranging from $49-$499 per month depending on your needs.


Lusha is another powerful tool that excels in finding contact information. It’s an extension that integrates well with LinkedIn, making it easy to find emails and phone numbers of potential leads via that platform.

This tool does offer a completely free version that finds 50 emails per month, and paid versions ranging from $36 to customized plans for larger enterprises who need to use it at scale.

Over to You

Outbound email prospecting is one of the most time-consuming but critical activities for growing companies. Email finder tools can automate much of the manual work that makes it so tedious for your sales teams and other employees, powering easier scalability, better contact lists, and ultimately more sales.

Whether you’re looking for a tool to help you look up individual contacts or find bulk email addresses for free, a good email finder tool can help you reach new heights.

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