Founder-led Sales Tip for Early-Stage SaaS Companies

We work with a lot of early stage saas founders and one piece of advice that I give all the time is do not hire a sales team.

The founder of the business is the undisputed world champion #1 seller for the product that they’ve built – As a founder, you know more about it, you care more about it, you’ve got more authenticity and authority and fluency in your delivery and you just can’t buy that off the shelf.

The other reason here is that your product’s probably not great and the people that buy from you as an early stage founder, they’re not buying your product, they’re buying you. They’re buying your vision, they’re buying the story that you told them.

Only you can tell that story.

I don’t care if you’re a software engineer that’s never sold a thing in your life – you have to be on calls talking with your customers to understand their problems, to understand the the solutions that they’re looking for, so that you know what to build and a selling conversation is the best way to get that feedback.