From Micromanaging to Empowerment: A CEO’s Journey with Eric Boggs

This episode of Authentically Successful, a podcast hosted by Carol Shultz, engages in a conversation with Eric Boggs, CEO at RevBoss, a company specializing in outbound prospecting for leads.

Their discussion delves into the vital role of honesty in client relationships, the evolution of recruitment strategies, and the core values of happiness, accountability, and transparency embedded in RevBoss’s culture.

Eric recounts his journey from graduation to establishing RevBoss, shedding light on managing teams spread across various locations, adopting a distinctive approach to client evaluation, and highlighting what sets RevBoss apart in the realm of lead generation.

Eric also shares his transformation from a micromanager to a leader who trusts and empowers his team, fostering their development within the organization. Tune in to gain valuable insights on entrepreneurship, personal well-being, and effective team leadership from this dynamic dialogue.

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