Fumbling the Sales Hand-Off – Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid

We’ve handed off thousands of leads to our clients and have learned some crucial lessons – some painful and some easy.

“So what are the mistakes, and how can I avoid them?”


Scheduling in the wrong timezone

This happens, and it sucks. Especially if you’re an international company, and your prospects are busy across the pond. Playing catchup is about as fun as you imagine it would be.

Use tools! We use WorldTimeBuddy to make sure we’re putting the meeting on the calendar right the first time.

Include the time zone in conversation. When scheduling with your prospect be sure to follow the proposed time with the time zone. Having another checkpoint keeps you accountable and aware.


Along the same lines as scheduling in the wrong timezone, this can be a meeting killer. This happens when you’re going too fast, or maybe you had another meetings put on your schedule for you.

Keep your calendar up-to-date! This will save you the heartache of double-booking yourself.

Rescheduling isn’t the end of the world, but coordinating schedules is hard enough within the samean organization – the easier it is to meet with you the easier it will be to get a meeting.

No response after initial interest

The lead has confirmed they’re interested, but there’s no response when you propose a date and time. This happens a lot.

So what do you do? We suggest you follow our SDR, Paul’s process.

  • Acknowledge that you’re aware the prospect may have gotten busy, and that it happens… but that you wanted to make sure that you hadn’t dropped the ball.
  • Ask if they’re still interested in a meeting.
  • Then follow-up with the meeting time again, or a new meeting time if the first time has passed.

More often than not, the prospect is really apologetic and replies. Meeting’s in the bag!

Even if you don’t agree with this approach, keep in mind the following golden rules.

Always be respectful, and be persistent.

Not getting a number

You set up a meeting – send an invite – but realize five minutes before that you didn’t work out who is calling who, or on what number.

Review the details when you’re handing off the meeting, “Okay, great… I’ll send over an invite for %time/date% and include %number% as the best way to reach you.”  We typically use the number that’s in their signature block.

What if there isn’t a number in their signature block?

One of the first questions when you’re setting your meeting should be, “What’s the best way to reach you?”This should give you enough time to receive a reply before your meeting, and/or follow-up with them if they don’t reply

Not sending an invite

This time you have the meeting setup and a number, but you didn’t send an meeting invite. You go to call the prospect, and no one answers…

Meeting invitations are invaluable as reminders to your prospect, and help keep you fresh in their minds.

Incorporate sending the invite as part of the workflow.

  • In the last hand-off email include copy to the effect of, “Great! I’m sending an invite for…” So the prospect expects it.
  • Create the invite – put their contact information in the meeting details so that it’s readily available when it’s time for the call and you don’t have to go searching for it.
  • Update their information in your CRM (please have a CRM)


Completely Dropping the Ball

A prospect asks you to follow up with them in 60 days. Do you? Have you? Or have you gotten really busy and completely forgotten? Don’t feel bad, we have all done it.

Set reminders in your CRM or use a task app (like Todoist) to remind you when it’s time to follow up with your prospects.

Or automate (preferred).

We automate these followups for our clients. We’ve setup sequences that follow up with prospects after 30 days/60 days/etc. This way no prospect is lost.

Do you have another problem you run into when handing off a lead? Share below and let’s find a solution!