How to Convert More Convos into Leads

Got a great email reply?  Or an engaged prospect on the phone?  Great!  Some of these will flow right into your sales process…some will not unfortunately.

Here are some thoughts that might help you activate convos that slowly peter out, suddenly go cold, or never even get beyond hello.

Speed & Urgency

Time is your enemy throughout the sales process, especially at the top of the funnel and especially when you’re prospecting.  Once you’ve activated a prospect’s interest with an email or call, strike quickly.  This means a few things:

  1. Reply to interested emails immediately.  Create a filter in your inbox so that these emails get flagged and prioritized.
  2. Ping 2 or 3 times in the same day if necessary.  If you get a warm reply today, don’t let it drift into tomorrow.
  3. If you get a prospect on the phone, don’t hang up until you’ve 1) confirmed the next convo, 2) sent an invitation, and 3) they’ve accepted it.

Phone, Always

Don’t respond to prospect emails with more emails, instead pick up the phone immediately.  Emails are too passive and too easy to ignore.

Their direct dial (if you don’t already have it) is probably in their email signature.  The prospect will know who you are — so it won’t be a cold call — and they’ve already agreed to a convo.  Don’t expect to have your discovery/demo on the call, but instead call to schedule your next call.

You already got lucky with an email reply, don’t bank on getting lucky again.

Confirm, Then Reconfirm

If prospects agree to a meeting and then aren’t showing, then you might consider getting in the habit of confirming your meetings first thing in the morning.

You’ll get fewer no-shows and your reschedules will be much easier to manage.

Direct Ask

When the convo goes completely dark, you might lose hope altogether…but fear not!  If you’ve done all of the above and have generated at least a smidge of interest / commitment from the prospect, then you can try to use a little psychological judo to jump start the convo:

  1. Find the last deal-related email they sent to you.
  2. Reply to that email with the subject line Did you go another direction?

It is a simple, direct ask.  And if you’ve done your job building trust with the prospect, they will reply more times than not.  And you’ll get the truth, for better or worse.

More ideas for strategies when prospects go cold is available here.

Good luck!