How To Use Case Studies In Outbound Email

Hello, I’m back.

And this time, I’m looking into what types of credibility work best in our emails.

So after tracking many of our best-performing messaging, I found that simply listing out a few clients you’ve worked with that are in the same industry as your prospect is often much more effective than going into details around the case study about how you helped just one client.

And it does make sense because it aligns with our strategy of crafting casual off the cuff emails. The second you add a case study with with some statistics and the link, all of a sudden, you’ve transformed a friendly introduction into a heavy-handed sales pitch and that’s something you definitely want to avoid.

But, of course, if your clients aren’t recognizable names, then a compelling statistic can help communicate your value.

The key is just brevity and impact. So, make sure it’s a short line with a clear impressive stat that does mean something to your prospect.

And case studies are still an essential part of the sales process once you have a call on the books, so make sure you have one ready so that you can send it over to your prospect after the initial intro is made.