I’m Reaching Out Because…

Your outbound email needs to answer one simple question: I’m reaching out because…

At RevBoss we call the answer to this question a connector. A connector is a messaging element that references something that we know to be true about the prospect that connects me the sender to you the recipient.

“I’m reaching out because you went to the University of North Carolina and so did I” is a connector. It’s not a particularly good one but it shows that I know you and that’s why I’m reaching out. If you don’t start your email with connectors in mind, you’re toast.

If you’re not using more than one or two connectors in your messaging, you’re probably also toast.

So here is a good fictitious example of an email that uses three connectors:

“Hi there I’m Eric the CEO of a marketing agency, just like you.” One. “I see that you don’t have a marketing person on your team – that probably means that you run the marketing, right?”

Blah blah blah… I’ve got my my call to action, I’ve got my pitch, etc. “P.S. my family and I were just in Atlanta for some travel soccer. My kids were blown away by the Georgia Aquarium.” That’s three.

None of these are particularly hard, none of these are about features or saving you x or increasing y percent. They’re all about connecting me, the person, to you, who is also a person.

People buy from people. People respond to people.

That’s what connectors are all about. Connectors can be location, connectors can be the presence of or absence of a certain job title inside of an organization, it can be the size of the organization, it can be company keywords, it can be software that’s installed on their website, it could be things like where they went to school or who they’re connected with on LinkedIn or who their client on their website might be or who the client that’s giving the case study on their website might be.

Doing this one at a time for every prospect is doable but time consuming doing this at scale for every prospect for thousands of prospects is really hard and requires a lot of software and a lot of no help. I can help with that.

Much more about personalization coming soon in a future episode of “Eric stares into the camera of his iMac.”

Over and out.