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Introducing RevBoss Engine

exc-52f93853e4b04c9b6a3c5e37 RevBoss has launched its first productized service — RevBoss Engine.  We kicked off our first few Engine clients in January and we’re getting great results. RevBoss Engine is an outsourced demand generation service.  Our clients hire us to focus on outbound sales process, execution, and optimization so that they can spend more time on customer development, building relationships, and closing deals. Engine is ideal for small companies just beginning to explore outbound sales as a channel or for larger companies looking for scale or tactical outbound support for a specific campaign.  We’re powering the service with a mix of automated and semi-automated processes and have testing and optimization baked into the formula — so we learn quickly and you get results quickly. We’re effectively providing an alternative to (or replacement of) your in-house demand generation function.  Here is a quick comparison between your in-house team and RevBoss Engine: In-House Prospecting / Sales Development:

  • Inexperienced, junior sales rep
  • Long hiring process, long training ramp
  • Hit-or-miss hirings…with lots of misses.
  • Lots of training, management, and oversight.
  • Slowly explore outbound sales, make lots of mistakes.
  • Spend 6+ months validating a new channel.

RevBoss Engine:

  • Experienced, proven sales leadership.
  • Quick on-boarding process, value on day 1.
  • Guaranteed results and we’ll help you hire/train an SDR.
  • None required, just on-boarding and ongoing check-ins.
  • Learn quickly through our experience and prior mistakes.
  • Get clarity fast and scale, with either RevBoss or FTEs.

Give us a shout if you’d like to hear more.

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