Introducing RevBot

robotsWe’re excited to share that we’ve got an alpha product in the can.  We’re calling the app RevBot — it is fairly small/simple today, but already pretty darn useful. And we think it has big potential.

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What does it do?

RevBot turns semi-structured contact data into useable email addresses. In other words — if you give it a first name, last name, and domain, the RevBot will figure out the email address.

We’ve been using RevBot as a part of our secret sauce to power client engagements for the past few months.  We’ve used it to verify 10s of thousands of prospects for our clients and the results have been pretty great — see here and here

RevBot has made our prospecting data MUCH cleaner and our prospecting process MUCH faster.  For some industries we’re consistently getting a 50% to 60% match rate.  And the RevBot is much easier to manage than a small army of $3 per hour lead generate freelancers.

How does RevBot do it?

Like many useful things, the RevBot is a simple re-imagination of an existing process. Using your inputs, which are first name, middle initial, last name, and domain, RevBot will:

  • Build several variations of the email address — first.last@, first_last@, finitlallast@, etc.
  • Attempt to verify each variation against the domain’s email server until it gets a confirmation.
  • If it doesn’t get a confirmation, it checks each variation against several popular social APIs (currently via FullContact) to determine if the address was ever used to sign up for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Presto! Verified valid email addresses.

How is this useful?

RevBot is…

  • More accurate than your lead gen person — this means better data, fewer bounces, less time wasted.
  • Faster than finding contact data one-person-at-a-time by pinging Rapportive.
  • Better than buying a stale, over-hunted email list — fresh, verified data every time.
  • Less expensive than buying an email address from traditional sources — don’t pay $1+ for an address, build your own for pennies.

What will it do next?

Hard to say — we’ve got an awful lot of ideas knocking around, a couple of which are already in the works.  There are many, many repetitive tasks that sales development reps do on a daily basis that we think that we can automate over time — find prospects online, look up data, send follow-up emails, etc.

Initially, we’d like to make our prospect data more useful by going beyond just email address to include related info like company news, industry data, etc.  Also — we hope to make an API available in the future.  We think that the RevBot has some interesting legs as a piece of internal sales development systems and processes.

That said, we’d rather hear what you have to say after giving it a go.

How do I get the data inputs?

For the very near term, you’ll need a list of first names, last names, and domains for the RevBot to be useful.  You probably already have this laying around your business in a few places:

  • Your old leads and email addresses that you haven’t emailed in a while.
  • That list of prospects you got from a trade show.
  • That list of people you were able to find online that doesn’t include email addresses.

Also — we can help you with list development if you need it.  (We’re using RevBot to power sales development programs for ~15 clients each month and we’re getting pretty good at it.)  So let’s discuss.

Who is it for?

RevBot is for B2B sales and marketing professionals, namely sales development teams tasked with developing new sales leads from cold prospects.

Most of our current clients are B2B SaaS companies, though we’ve also worked with a number of services companies.  Most of our current client contacts at CEOs, VPs Sales, VPs Marketing, and front-line sales reps.

How can I get it?

Fill out this form and we’ll follow up to discuss in the coming weeks.