More Automation Equals More Productivity — Introducing Rep Steps!

We just shipped a new set of features to help make your sales reps more productive — it’s called Rep Steps and we’re really excited about it.

Now, instead of only reaching out to prospects via email, we’ve made it super easy to incorporate phone and LinkedIn touchpoints in your RevBoss Flows. Research — plus common sense — shows that more sales touches leads to more sales conversations.

Want to pick up the phone and call a prospect if they don’t respond after your first email? No prob — RevBoss will keep up with where your prospects are in your Flow and tell you when you need to call them (you can even add a call script so you’ll know exactly what to say).


And what if you still haven’t heard from a prospect after the third email touch? You could get even more visibility with the prospect if you pinged them (or even just viewed their profile or liked a recent post) on LinkedIn, so we made a step to allow you to quickly work through that process automagically, without having to search all over the internet to find them.


We’ve got lots more to add coming soon.

If you’d like to give any of the stuff we’ve built a trial run, ping us anytime. We’re always happy to chat.