More Sales Automation Means More Prospect Personalization

perpmachYou need both automation and personalization in your sales process. They’re not mutually exclusive, in fact they feed off of each other.

Automate your “B” prospects.  When we’re RevBoss’ing RevBoss, we approach “A” prospects with a fairly personalized approach and we put “B” prospects in a robo-email drip.  Both are reasonably effective, but by automating our “B” prospects we can go deeper on our “A” prospects and working Oppys, which usually means a much more personalized approach.

Semi-Automate your “A” prospects.  Even the prospects that we value the most run through a fairly automated process.  A few of the touches are personalized — a personalized email and maybe a LinkedIn connect — but many of the touches are still either completely automated (like emails) or enabled by an automated process (like phone calls and content generation).

Automate your prospecting and research.  If you’re wading around LinkedIn, grabbing prospects one-at-a-time, then you’re doing it wrong.  Use software to source your target list and narrow the field — then spend your time skimming the cream off the top for direct outreach…and then drop the rest in an automated flow.

You get the idea.  The best sales reps are ruthlessly efficient with their time…and know how use software to automate the busy work so they can spend more time doing the real work.

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