New Feature — Bounced Email Recycler

Bounced emails are a part of the game with outbound sales.  Even though we double verify the email addresses you source in RevBoss and are transparent about the email quality, bounces will still happen.  That’s why we built the bounce recycler — when emails bounce, RevBoss will “try again” to hopefully get the correct email address for the prospect you’re targeting.


As you send your first group of emails to a list of prospects, most will successfully arrive into their inbox…and a few will bounce.  Lucky for you, RevBoss will take a few tries to recycle the bounce.

24 hours after the initial bounce, RevBoss will attempt its 2nd best guess for the prospect’s email address. If this 2nd email address bounces, then the app will try a 3rd best guess.  If the 3rd attempt fails, we’ve struck out and we’ll flag the prospect as bounced.

Nothing that you need to do, all of this happens automagically.

RevBoss is able to do this because it algorithmically creates and verifies prospect email addresses on the fly.  The initial email address that RevBoss provides for a prospect is often verified valid, but sometimes it is just a very well educated guess.  And when the app guesses incorrectly, it is awfully handy to have the 2nd best guess at the ready.


Because RevBoss re-tries bounced email addresses, you’ll get a better yield from your prospecting efforts and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of manually re-processing bounced prospects.  Plus you’ll get better value for your data investment in RevBoss — you only pay for the prospects that deliver and the app works hard to make sure that it finds the right email address.