New Feature — Email Quality Indicator

Bounced emails are a fact of life for sales development reps.  And as hard as we try, not all email addresses that RevBoss sources will be accurate. However, we make our email quality very transparent so that you outboundcan decide how to manage your outbound email.

RevBoss double verifies all email address that it finds — we use our own internal algorithm to land on our best guess and then we check our math using a 3rd party email verification tool called BriteVerify, which is the quality indicator we show in our app.


To the left of each prospect’s name, you’ll note a symbol representing the email quality of the address sourced for that individual.

Green Checkmark — Valid, meaning the email address for this prospect is accurate.  Emails with this designation successfully deliver 95%+ of the time.

Yellow Circle — Accept all, meaning that we got a response from the domain but not specifically for this email address.  These emails are accurate ~70% of the time.

Orange Question mark — Unknown, meaning this email is a well-educated guess, but we didn’t get any external verification that our guess is accurate. These addresses are often 50/50.

Easily sort through the different types of indicators with the sorting tool at the top of the column.


Depending on the level of email quality — send only known valids to ensure a lower bounce rate or be more aggressive in sending all found email addresses. Either way you can be aware of the types of emails that you are sending. We recommend sending all of them and then throttling back your aggressiveness if your bounce rates increase too much.

If you just created a new domain for your outreach, maybe only send known valids for the first month or so, ensuring email quality will not lead to sending issues. Increasing bounce rates can lead to your inbox being flagged as spam, try to keep it less than 25% and decrease it by only sending valids.