New Feature — Sales Email Tracking

Reporting is a vital feature to the RevBoss app. All of your efforts and testing don’t mean a whole lot if you can’t learn from it. Our v1 reporting lays the groundwork for being able to breakdown data in many ways in the near future.


You can view reporting on the Segment and Flow level. Each reporting table reflects the data of the selected segment or flow you are in. You can view this data by month or all time by selecting the drop down tab. The count you see for each box is measured by number and from the total percentage as well. Note that the segment reporting will only start to populate once you send prospects to a flow.

Each view allows you to see some basic numbers:

Prospects Contacted: Number of prospects successfully delivered

Bounce Rate: Number/percentage of prospects that were undeliverable

Open Rate: Number/percentage of prospects that have opened an email

Unsubscribe Rate: Number/percentage of prospects that opted out

Reply Rate: Number/percentage of prospects that responded


Viewing reporting on the segment level allows you to better understand how one target segment compares to another. It can be as simple as testing how two different types of job titles respond at the same company or completely different types of companies. This will vary based on how you create your criteria searches.

Take it a step further and test different messaging copy by creating different flows and compare the statistics based on open and reply rates. Reporting by the different flows allows you to narrow down on the most optimal copy to use. Maybe you want to better understand how prospects will respond to a specific pain point compared to another — just create two different flows (name them well!) and add prospects. Analyze the reply rate and the different types of responses you get from each flow.

RevBoss Segment Reporting