New Features: Automated Sales Prospecting, Bounce Recycling

We deployed a couple features this week that we’re really excited about.  Both are big steps forward on our mission to automate + personalize the sales development process for B2B / SaaS companies.

If any of the stuff we’ve built sounds interesting, you can contact us or you can sign up for the RevBoss sales development platform beta waiting list.

Automated Sales Prospecting

Our new search interface makes it easy for sales development teams to define target prospect segments and quickly aggregate all of the companies and prospects that meet their key criteria.  This means no more just-in-time prospecting, no more spreadsheets, no more web scraping, no more outsourced list development.

In addition to streamlining the prospecting process, we’ve significantly boosted the speed and accuracy in the RevBoss app.  Our batch turnaround is down to less than an hour in most cases and our prospect-to-email match rate is significantly improved — both of which means more, better data in less time.

Here is a quick demo of the feature:

The process to use our new search feature is pretty simple:

  • Define key target company criteria — # employees, industry, country, state, city.  (We’ll add more criteria and some ready-to-go lists in the future.)
  • Alternatively, you can upload a .csv if you have a list of companies or domains that you know you want RevBoss to prospect.
  • Define key prospect job title criteria, both acceptable and unacceptable.
  • The app will calculate the size of your target segment in real-time.

That’s it!  Once you click Next, RevBoss will save your target segment so that you can prospect it over and over again.  And it will use a magical combination of our own data set, web crawlers, 3rd party APIs, and cloud workers to source all of the companies and prospect that match your criteria.

Once the app has wrapped its robot arms around your target segment, it will churn up a pristine prospect list that you can feed into your sales process.  In addition to the standard Company and Prospect data fields, RevBoss will give you:

  • A “clean” company name that is ready to deploy via email — e.g. Coca-Cola Worldwide Enterprise, Inc. will return as Coca-Cola.
  • A score that indicates our confidence in the email address that we’ve returned to you.
  • If you ask for it, personalized content for every prospect — e.g. “I read your blog post about _____ — very cool that ______!” or “Congratulations on the new office in ___________ — seems like big things are ahead!” or I loved your retweet of ________, what a clever spin on something so pertinent.”
  • If you ask for it, a phone number for the company.
  • If you ask for it, a foot massage.

You can then review the prospects if you like or you can immediately deploy them into a sales prospecting campaign that incorporates email, banner, and social touch points.

Automated Bounce Recycling

In addition to automating a messy process at the beginning of the prospecting process, we’ve released a new feature that automates the bounced email rodeo that chews up sales development rep productivity.  All you need to do is integrate your Gmail account with RevBoss and the app will:

  • Scan your inbox for bounced messages that originated from RevBoss.
  • Capture bounced addresses and flag them such that we’ll never send to those addresses again…and decrement that email pattern for that domain so that our scoring algorithm gets a little smarter.
  • Recycle the prospect by matching our next best email guess and deploying the bounced email to the new email address.

…over and over for every prospect email address that bounces.  This means you and your team won’t need to worry about collecting, correcting, and re-trying bounced email addresses ever again.

More from RevBoss very soon.

If any of the stuff we’ve built sounds interesting, you can contact us or you can sign up for the RevBoss sales development platform beta waiting list.