New Segments UI is Live

Hiya!  We shipped another big UI update this week — this time we overhauled our Segments page and added several new features for managing prospects.  Screenshots and details below.  Enjoy!

New Segments UI

Like our recent RepSteps overhaul, the first thing you should notice is that the page looks waaaay better.

We separated “Add to Flow” as a separate bulk action (because it is by the far the most common on the page) and we set “More actions” aside — this should mean few clicks to get your work done.

We also added sorting functionality on all columns so that you can sort by job title, company name, etc. You can also search/filter contacts — for example, you might want to start with all of the CEOs in your segment first and then work through the VP titles.

You can bulk select what you see on the screen or you can select the entire segment — which is a super handy time saver.  And the bulk selector is sensitive to your filters / sorts, so it will be very easy to quickly select all prospects that match a specific job title in your segment.

You can also act on prospects individually with the “More Actions” drop down on each line.

Lastly, we moved pagination to the top right of page so that you can quickly work through your pages of prospects.


We also cleaned up the prospect card so that you can quickly work through prospects individually — clean up the name, add them to a Flow, and you’ll get the next prospect automatically.