Outbound is NOT Magic

So the #1 outbounding mistake that I see whether you’re SDRing or email or whatever is expecting magic. And that’s the case with any marketing channel. If you’re expecting magic, you’re going to be very disappointed. 

Outbound is hard, outbound takes time, you have to orchestrate lots of systems and ideas into a single process. You have to give it time to bake. You know I might call a prospect today – they might not convert for me after I call them 10 times.

I might email a prospect today, I might have to email them three times this week and then three times three months from now and then they’ll finally remember that I emailed them and then they’ll Google me and they’ll come back to my site. 

So outbound is not magic, marketing is not magic. Marketing is hard, outbound is hard. Go into it with that set of expectations and you’re gonna be a lot happier.