Outbound Strategies for Video Production Companies

In the dynamic world of video production, where creativity meets technology, agencies face a distinct set of challenges that set them apart from other industries — a lengthy sales cycle, seasonality pressures, and a heavy reliance on referrals and networks to drive new business. Understanding these hurdles is crucial, and that’s where RevBoss, an outbound agency with a keen understanding of the industry, steps in to revolutionize lead generation.

Here’s a breakdown of the challenges our video production clients face — followed by some tried and tested outbound strategies.

Challenges in the World of Video Production

1. Referrals Rule the Roost

For video production agencies, the adage “it’s not what you know, but who you know” holds particular weight. These businesses thrive on referrals and networking, making relationship-building a cornerstone of their success.

2. Seasonality Struggles

Video production is an industry of highs and lows. Agencies experience frenzied months of intense projects followed by slower periods, emphasizing the need for a consistent lead pipeline to weather the storm.

3. The Trust Conundrum

Selling video is not just about delivering a product — it’s about selling a promise. Trust is paramount in an industry where outcomes are intangible, and building rapport becomes a linchpin in convincing prospects they’ve made the right choice.

Outbound Strategies for Video Production Campaigns

RevBoss recognizes these unique challenges and suggests tailoring outbound campaigns to address them. Here’s how:

1. Industry-Relevant Campaigns

Highlighting work directly related to the prospect’s industry enhances engagement and builds trust. Design campaigns that leverage direct industry examples, incorporating relevant video reels to showcase credibility.

2. Targeted Video Offerings

Match a specific type of video offer to the right title and/or industry (i.e. recruitment videos for HR titles, brand films for marketers, training videos for manufacturers, etc.). This targeted approach ensures a more resonant pitch.

3. Geo-Flows for Efficiency

Recognizing the challenges (and associated costs) of travel in video production, campaigns focused around the specific geographical area where you’re based can help ensure that prospects can select agencies within driving distance, optimizing both time and costs.

4. Showcasing Specializations

Highlighting differentiators in video offerings, such as expertise in live videos or post-production specialization, helps agencies stand out in a competitive landscape.

5. Be Proactive Against Roadblocks

Many companies, especially large ones, already have an internal video team or agency partners. You can proactively address these kinds of roadblocks in a few ways: 1) pitch your team as an extension of the prospect’s in-house team, 2) ask if they’ve considered trying a new video partner, or 3) mention that even if they don’t have a project in mind, you’d still love to connect so they’re ready to go when something does come up.

6. Lean Into Timing/Planning Cycles

Tailor messaging around planning cycles so it’s more timely. For example, reach out towards the end of the year and address the fact that they’re setting up a budget for the new year. You can also try targeting companies at certain growth stages and look for cues they might be ready for video, like a fundraising round, product release, etc. Or if a company is actively hiring, it might be a good time to hit them with a pitch for recruitment videos.


In a world where success is built on connections, creativity, and trust, tailoring your offer to the specific needs of your prospects can go a long way in making that connection. If you’re a video production agency, try some of these strategies for yourself in your next outbound campaign — or if you want a partner to help you through the process, just let us know. 🙂

How RevBoss Can Help

RevBoss is an outbound prospecting and lead generation platform and service built specifically to help clients navigate the complex B2B buyer journey. Our solutions are designed for high-growth B2B organizations, like SaaS companies, startups, and agencies. At every turn, we help you execute outbound strategies that not only generate quick leads, but build trust and long-lasting customer relationships.

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