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Should You Buy or Build A Sales Prospecting List?

Outbound sales prospecting often feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle, and it’s not fun to be stuck in those trenches. But how do you decide where to ... Continue Reading »

Defining Sales Development Target Segments

Almost works in horseshoes and hand grenades, but not outbound sales development.  In outbound, it’s crucially important to clearly define who you are trying to target. Why ... Continue Reading »

Are You Ready For Outbound Sales Development?

So — are you?  Well — probably…maybe.  Luckily, it is easy to find out for sure — just ask yourself some tough questions. What do you hope ... Continue Reading »

How Spreadsheets Are Killing Your Sales Development Process

Ironically — the idea for RevBoss emerged from spreadsheets. At a previous company, I hosted “voluntary” sales meetings / pizza parties at my house in the evenings. ... Continue Reading »

New Features: Automated Sales Prospecting, Bounce Recycling

We deployed a couple features this week that we’re really excited about.  Both are big steps forward on our mission to automate + personalize the sales development process ... Continue Reading »

Personalizing Outbound Email At Scale

How many outbound emails have you gotten recently? Probably a lot.  It might range from a few per week to a handful a day but at the ... Continue Reading »

Sales Development Micro-Tasking

Though we aren’t quite experts in the space, we’ve had quite a bit of experience outsourcing bits of our sales development process to cloud workers in the ... Continue Reading »

The Sales Development Career Path Paradox

We’ve been at it for almost 2 years at RevBoss and we’ve learned some stuff along the way. So I thought in 2016 I’d try to do ... Continue Reading »

RevBoss raised a $1.1M seed round.

RevBoss, Inc. closed its first round of institutional capital this week.  We raised a $1.1M seed round lead by Sovereign’s Capital.  Alston Gardner (Founder at Fulcrum Equity Partners), Bruce Boehm ... Continue Reading »

Lots of New RevBoss Stuff to Automate Sales Pipeline Development

It has been a couple months since our last product update and we’ve got lots to share.  Here is quick rundown of the new stuff we’ve built ... Continue Reading »
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