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6 Ways Marketing Automation Boosts Agency Growth

What if your agency could exponentially increase the number of potential customers it tracks and engages at one time? Or pinpoint the exact time in your customer’s ... Continue Reading »

How to Calculate the Cost of Customer Acquisition

Knowing your cost of customer acquisition is the key to unlocking higher marketing and sales ROI. After all, you can’t know what you’re really earning back from ... Continue Reading »

End to End Email Automation: The Complete Guide

Automation has transformed email from a single business outreach channel to a full-fledged lead generation and management tool. From a new prospect’s initial touchpoint all the way ... Continue Reading »

How to Scale Lead Generation with Marketing Automation

Do you feel like your lead generation efforts aren’t earning the ROI they should be? If you do, you’re not alone. Recent research shows that marketers have ... Continue Reading »

How to Calculate, Estimate and Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Here’s the short of it: if your sales team doesn’t know how to calculate customer lifetime value (or if they just aren’t doing it), you’re missing a ... Continue Reading »

Why Every Email Needs a Powerful Call to Action (CTA)

Are your customers receiving your emails? Great! Are they taking action after they read them? Only if you have a powerful call to action in every message ... Continue Reading »

The Complete Guide to Multichannel Lead Generation

Did you know that the average adult has more than 8 social media accounts? That the average American household has more than 10 connected devices? Or that ... Continue Reading »

Why Content Marketing Is Essential for Business Growth

In 2022, there’s no way around it: it is essential for companies to leverage content marketing for business growth. More than ever before, users are turning to ... Continue Reading »

Lead Nurturing Emails: Everything You Wanted to Know

A new lead is a big win, but it’s also just one of many steps to converting that prospect into a paying customer. The way to keep ... Continue Reading »

6 Ways to Grow Your Sales Pipeline Year-Round

Growing your sales pipeline is not a task your sales team can just complete at the start of the year and check off the list — it’s ... Continue Reading »
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