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4 Examples of SaaS Landing Pages That Convert Like Crazy

An SaaS landing page is the centerpiece of lead generation campaigns for many technology and software companies. They are one of the primary ways companies collect contact ... Continue Reading »

Buyer Persona Vs. Ideal Customer Profile: Targeting Showdown

Buyer persona vs. ideal customer profile: which is the winner? Spoiler alert: both. Your buyer persona and ideal customer profile play related but different roles in helping ... Continue Reading »

What Are the Best Times to Send Out Sales Emails?

The timing of your sales emails can be the difference between great engagement and high conversions or sending out a total dud. The reality is this: people ... Continue Reading »

How Brand Awareness Boosts Your Lead Generation Efforts

As a marketing or sales professional, you’ve probably read about brand awareness and lead generation as competing priorities. But we’ve got good news for you: it doesn’t ... Continue Reading »

How to Build the Perfect Go To Market Strategy for B2Bs

Do you want your business to grow? To see new products and services be successful? To earn more revenue and reach the right customers? I’m going to ... Continue Reading »

The Definitive Guide to Outbound Email

Today email is the primary way professionals communicate. And as the business world gets more and more digital, outbound email is playing an increasingly critical role in ... Continue Reading »

B2B Lead Generation: 6 New Strategies to Try in 2022

Today, customers are savvier than ever and that means companies need to get creative when it comes to their B2B lead generation strategies. Two factors have drastically ... Continue Reading »

How to Create Your Ideal Customer Profile [Template Included]

More is not always more when it comes to B2B leads. In fact, when you try to pursue every lead that comes your way, you’ll find your ... Continue Reading »

7 Smart Tips to Increase Your Email Conversion Rate

Email conversion rates are one of the most crucial business metrics companies can track today.  Why? Because email is increasingly the most used and preferred method of ... Continue Reading »

10 Great Sales Discovery Questions to Ask Your Prospects

Sales discovery questions are a crucial tactic during your first interactions with potential customers that can make or break whether a deal eventually closes. They’re also an ... Continue Reading »
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