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Understanding the SaaS Business Model for Maximum Sales

The SaaS business model is subscription-based — customers pay a recurring fee and receive ongoing access to software and related services in exchange. While subscription models aren’t ... Continue Reading »

The A to Z Guide to Growing a PR Agency in 2022

As a PR agency, you play a key role in helping others grow their brands. But do you have a growth mindset for your own business? If ... Continue Reading »

Growth Marketing In A Down Market

Here are a few quick notes about how we’re thinking and acting in light of the shaky macroeconomic outlook. We’re carefully monitoring expenses. We already run a ... Continue Reading »

How to Build a Profitable B2B Referral Program

Did you know that referrals are the top source of business for B2B agencies? HubSpot research found that a whopping 90% of B2B agencies said referrals are ... Continue Reading »

A SaaS Approach to Sales Funnel Stages

At first glance, the SaaS sales funnel stages may look similar to those we see in the traditional B2B buyer journey, but they require a unique approach. ... Continue Reading »

Is ABM the Best Bet for SaaS Businesses?

Account based marketing (ABM) levels up traditional marketing with a hyper-personalized approach that aims to convert the most high-potential prospects in your pipeline. Used for decades by ... Continue Reading »

How to Create a B2B Customer Journey Map in 2022

The B2B customer journey is a complex process. With 6-8 touchpoints required (on average) to convert a lead, plus the many different channels companies use to interact ... Continue Reading »

How to Increase the Productivity of Every Salesperson in Your Team

Low sales productivity is a common problem faced by sales organizations across industries, but it’s also one of the most solvable. Modern technology has made it easier ... Continue Reading »

The A to Z Guide to Training Your Sales Development Reps

Sales development is a critical part of today’s modern business environment. Having a team to manage the high volume of leads generated by technology-supported outbound efforts is ... Continue Reading »

How to Use Customer Success Stories to Keep Your Funnel Flowing

B2B buyers love customer success stories. Why? Because stories demonstrate exactly how a brand’s products and solutions work in the real world. They build trust with buyers ... Continue Reading »
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