RevBoss Notes on Google’s February 2024 Email Sender Guidelines

Google (and Yahoo) recently announced email sender guidelines that it has since clarified and simplified.

In short – this is a positive development for RevBoss and sales prospecting in general in that Google is going after high volume abusers and scammers. And the updates will not have any impact on RevBoss or our clients because RevBoss already meets (and has met for a long time) the published guidelines.

We already set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC on client inboxes and set up proper DNS records on client domains.  We don’t spoof headers or imitate Gmail.  We do include unsub URLS / processes.  Etc.

Moreover, the guidelines specified that more restrictions apply to domains that send more than 5000 emails per day. We send fewer than 5000 emails PER MONTH from client domains, so all RevBoss clients are well under this threshold.

Lastly – and most importantly – the clarified guidelines are pretty clear that the Email Sender Guidelines only apply to personal Gmail accounts and DON’T apply to messages sent to Google Workspace accounts.

Nearly 100% of the email that RevBoss and our clients send to Google goes to Google Workspace accounts, so the new guidelines aren’t applicable to us or to our clients.  See below for a screenshot of the key details:


All of that said, we will continue to ship software and services that will help our clients build personalization and resonance into their outbound process. If you’re not already, you should:

  • Work with your Account Manager to set up personalization statements in your RevBoss account.
  • Consider RevBoss Display Ads to add cross channel brand impressions to your outbound process.
  • Implement the new RevBoss Inbox feature that’s coming your way in January.
  • Implement the new trigger / personalization workflows that are also coming your way very soon.