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Webcast: How To Get More Sales Email Replies

11160-white-heavy-check-markWe can all use more sales email replies in our life, right?

Join us for a webcast / call on Nov 16 at 2pm EST to learn how to ramp up sales email replies and conversations with engaged prospects.

RevBoss CEO Eric Boggs will lead the call and share his sales messaging insights, mistakes, hopes, and dreams. Plan on ~25 minutes of content and ~15 minutes of Q&A.

Specifically, Eric’s presentation will include:

  • A detailed framework to help structure your sales email messaging.
  • Specific examples of email content engineered to drive replies.
  • A review of best ever — and worst ever — sales emails.
  • Live Q&A.

Sign up for the event here.  And invite your friends and colleagues!

Talk to you on Nov 16!

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