Sales Coach: Confirm Your Meetings, Get Fewer No-Shows

ron-riveraIt really sucks to put a ton of effort into tee’ing up the demo call — lots of emails, juggling schedules, etc. And it double sucks when the prospect doesn’t show up.

If you’re scheduling sales calls and blindly expecting your prospects to show up at the planned time, then you’re going to get a lot of no-shows. Sometimes a prospect will innocently forget about the call. Or they’ll get distracted. Or they may have agreed to the meeting just to get your off their back.

Either way, you don’t want no-shows — you want demos. Luckily, there is a simple thing that you can do that will drastically improve your show rate:

  • Set a daily calendar reminder (for yourself) to confirm your meetings — make sure the reminder sends you an email so that it is first thing in your inbox. We do a reminder at 8am every day.
  • Email each meeting you have scheduled for the day a short note via Google Calendar. Your message doesn’t need to be anything more than “Confirming our 2:30pm.  Looking forward to it!” If you do a good job writing descriptive calendar invitations, your email will also include the purpose of the meeting, the dial-in, etc.

That’s it!

You’ll get one of a few replies:

— Confirmed, looking forward to it. (Great — prep the call and knock it out.)

— I need to reschedule. (Great — you can do it now and not after they missed the call.)

— I don’t want to have this meeting. (Good!  Fill this time with the next meeting.)

If it sounds like a stupid simple solution, it’s because it is. But it’s made a huge difference — we’ve saved a ton of time by cutting out lots of rescheduling back-and-forth and we complete 90%+ of the demos that we schedule.

Hopefully you’re already confirming meetings, but if not, give it a try. We promise it will help. 🙂