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50 Sales Development Email Subject Lines

No matter how long you’ve been doing B2B sales development or how effective your outbound emails have been, it’s always a good idea to revisit your process, messaging, etc.

Subject lines are a very small detail in a large, complex process but can really make or break a campaign. A great call-to-action or case study does nothing for you if the prospect doesn’t open the email…and the subject line plays a key role in enticing the open.

So we’ve put together 50 sales development email subject line ideas to help you brainstorm new ideas. Feel free to borrow/steal as much as you like. We started with a goal of 101 but decided to stop at 50 once we started getting a little repetitive…and started referencing Game of Thrones.

I’ll withhold comment on the actual effectiveness of the subject lines — some of these I’ve received and others we’ve used on behalf of clients. Look for a follow-up post in the coming weeks in which we’ll explore the open rates of the various subject lines we’ve tested in recent months. As a quick preview, we’re seeing outbound email open rates ranging from 30% to 40% and frequently see open rates north of 50% and 60% for our clients at RevBoss.

Without further ado, 50 sales development email subject lines for your consideration:

  • Hey…
  • Quick question
  • Quick question about XYZ @ %%company%%
  • Help me with a question?
  • (No subject)
  • You’re probably already doing this…
  • Following up
  • Checking in
  • Do you have time for a call next week?
  • Quick yes/maybe/no?
  • Got a minute %%first%%?
  • This is not a personalized subject line.
  • Re: Scheduling a phone call…
  • Help me %%first%% %%last%%, you’re my only hope.
  • Have you heard about XYZ?
  • Should we have a quick chat?
  • Can you connect me to the right person?
  • Do you know %%first%% %%last%%?
  • This is going to be great — can you join us?
  • Are you going to XYZ event?
  • Hi %%first% — this is Bob from AcmeCo.
  • Hey %%first%%, have you read Bob Smith’s article on the AcmeCo blog?
  • Love what you’re doing at %%company%%…
  • Hearing great things about %%company%%…
  • A friend sent me your way…
  • How to get 3X marketing lift
  • 7 ways to get a 3X marketing lift
  • 7 (obnoxious click-baity word like “shocking”) ways to get a 3X marketing lift.
  • Do you know how to get a 3X marketing lift?
  • Would it be helpful to get a 3x marketing lift?
  • %%City%% rocks! Up for a meeting while I’m in town?
  • I’m going to be in %%city%% — can I bring you a coffee?
  • Want a better way to _________?
  • Have you thought about doing _________?
  • Congrats on the recent ______________.
  • Really loved the _________ case study.
  • Really excited about (recent announcement)
  • (New feature) looks pretty compelling
  • Great picture of ___________ (non-creepy reference to recent Tweet or similar media.)
  • We helped (Your #1 Competitor) do XYZ — maybe we should chat?
  • What did you think about the _________ news?
  • How will the (recent new story) affect %%company%%?
  • Please for the love of the old gods and the new open this email and respond so that I can hit quota for the month and not get fired.
  • Got time for a chat Thursday at 10am?
  • Quick multiple choice question…
  • Should I stay or should I go?
  • Where is the love?
  • The final countdown…
  • This is the last time I’ll email you…
  • Sorry to be a pest…
  • Gently knocking…
  • Your competitors are using this.
  • (Name of competitor) is using this.
  • A story about Dave…   (with an email about a case study)
  • This dog food is delicious!  (if you can highlight how you’re using your product.)
  • 6 months, $500k in new pipeline…  (case study headline in the subject)
  • Do you know how to get in touch with (Person)?
  • (The prospect’s team) won (the big game)!

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  1. aaronwhoughton says:

    Good tips, I’m forwarding these along to my team that coordinates with prospects and customers via email.

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