Better Qualification = Better Prospects = Better Sales Conversations

An outbound sales strategy is most effective when the initial prospecting strategy is highly targeted. Factors like strong messaging and good timing don’t matter if you aren’t hitting the right prospect.

So far, search segments in the RevBoss app have been pretty specific — targets are narrowed down based on industry, company size and location. But, the more specific, the better…

We recently shipped a new feature to allow users to search for and qualify prospects based on what types of technology they’re using.

For example, if you sell to tech companies that are using Hubspot, you won’t have to qualify for that in an email exchange or on a phone call after finally getting the prospect to engage with you. It’s already done, and your time with the prospect can be spent on more valuable things.

Here’s a sneak peek of how it works:

When you’re building a search segment, just start typing the tech you want to search in the appropriate box.



RevBoss will show you how many prospects and companies match your criteria before you start the job.


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