Start Here: Outbound for Video Production Agencies

If you’re a video agency that’s considered using outbound marketing email to reach new prospects, we highly recommend it.

We’ve seen a lot of success for many of our video clients, so we thought we’d share a few tips on where to get started.

When it comes to prospecting, we recommend starting out by reaching out to industries where you already have past experience and videos you can show them. Credibility will go a long long way here. So have you already made videos for the manufacturing industry? Well then reach out to the manufacturing industry. Have you already made videos for nonprofits? Then start reaching out to other nonprofits and make sure to put direct links to that work in the email.

Also when it comes to titles, what we’re doing more and more is making sure to put the specific videos that that title would need to make to get their job done and we actually use Chat GPT to help us out here. We’ll ask Chat GPT “Tell me what types of videos someone in HR needs made and then it/they/Chat GPT will give you a long list of all the type of videos they might need. 

And then, as always, we’ve always seen that super short and direct messaging is effective. So stay away from fluffy words. Let your work speak for itself by just sending them a link and saying, “Hey, check this out. If this work seems like something that would fit your brand, we’d love to do it for you.” 

We have lots more insights when it comes to video agencies, so if you want to see more, you can always reach out to us directly or just comment below.