Stop Using Buzzwords in Your Cold Emails

Synergy, growth hacks, AI-fueled insights. It’s pretty easy to get caught up using all these buzzy buzzwords. And before you know it, you’ve said absolutely nothing.

Anyone can use buzzwords these days and almost everyone is, so, it’s not a good way to differentiate yourself or make your outbound marketing emails stand out. Plus buzzwords are pretty vague.

Overusing them can create a lack of clarity. Someone has to read your email two or three times to figure out what you’re saying, which for an outbound email can be fatal. They can also make your email seem insincere or even like you’re trying too hard to distract from the fact that your email lacks any substance.

So, instead just communicate your offer and value clearly and honestly from the start. We had one client start their messaging by saying “our approach to inbound marketing is based on proven philosophies that most agencies ignore – like relationship psychology and hyper specificity.” – It didn’t get any leads. But, at the end of the day, what our client does is they help you with your hubspot.

So we switch the messaging to say “you’ve probably run into something that you wish hubspot could do a little better, perhaps reporting or marketing attribution – we can help.” It got 57 leads.

So instead of using buzzwords, write a short, skimmable email, use your own unique voice, and showcase your offer and credibility from the start. And don’t be afraid to let a little personality shine through.

So from one thought leader to another, please stop using buzzwords.