Subject Lines in Cold Emails

So you want to write better cold emails?

Well, let’s start at the beginning – the subject line.

A lot of companies, maybe even your own often want to use eye-catching, value-shouting subject lines, similar to the ones they use on their marketing emails, but that is a mistake.

You don’t want to be another marketing email barrelling into their inbox. You want to feel like an essential work email that they have to open to get their job done.

So, you want to keep your subject lines relevant, short-ish, and sound like an internal email. You honestly want the recipient to think “what is this?” “who is this?” or even, “huh?”

So, let’s K.I.B.S. or “Keep it Boring, Sweetheart.”

You should never use a subject line like ” Is your I.T. infrastructure struggling at [COMPANY-NAME]” with a colleague. Instead, something like “data dive” “upcoming project” “is this meeting over yet?”

To illustrate, here are some of our top-performing subject lines at RevBoss right now:

“Jobsite security at [COMPANY-NAME]”

“[COMPANY-NAME] POC resources”

“Fractured company journey data”

“[COMPANY-NAME] brand videos”

So to recap, you want to keep it relevant, short and to the point, very straightforward – you don’t want to be misleading and save all that creativity for the email itself.