The 12-Step Sales Flow Outline

puppy-stepsIf we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a billion times a lot — it’s hard to write effective sales messaging. We’re trying to make the process a little easier by breaking it down step-by-step.

We made this outline to give you an idea of what your Sales Flow should look like, and how you should approach each step. You can get the printable version to use as a desk resource here.

Let us know what else would be helpful!

The RevBoss Team

email-2Touch 1, Day 1: EmailA brief introduction that ends with a clear call-to-action. Keep it short, simple and 2, Day 3: EmailThe beginning of your follow-up drip, but don’t just “check in” or “follow up” — provide value with every touch. Highlight your value prop in a different way by noting a unique product feature or services 3, Day 6: Call Start picking up the phone. The prospect may or may not answer, but you can reference that you tried to call in future emails — it makes your outreach seem a little more 4, Day 8: EmailShare social proof like a customer success story — it’s a great way to build credibility.linkedinTouch 5, Day 9: LinkedIn Profile View It probably won’t move the needle, but it’s an easy way to get noticed 6, Day 11: CallKeep picking up the phone if the prospect isn’t responding via 7, Day 14: Email – Restate your value prop, but give the prospect an easy “out” — at this point, you want an answer, and even a “no” is an OK answer.linkedinTouch 8, Day 18: LinkedIn Connect Request – One step further than a profile view, but an equally fast task to make your outreach stand out.

phone-iconTouch 9, Day 23: Call – On the final call in the Sales Flow, you can leave a message for the prospect and let them know why you’ve been reaching 10, Day 31: Email – Share content like a recent blog post or a whitepaper. You’re getting towards the end of your Sales Flow, so this message is more of a “let us know how we can be helpful” kind of note.linkedinTouch 11, Day 37: LinkedIn Message – If the prospect accepted your connection request, but still hasn’t responded to your outreach, shoot them a friendly message on LinkedIn — mention a common connection if 12, Day 45: Email – Keep your name on the prospect’s radar by sharing more helpful content.