The AI Opportunity That No One is Talking About

All right. So it’d be funny, right, if I started with an Allen Iverson joke, get it? AI, Allen Iverson, no? Okay.

Lots of sales and marketing companies, RevBoss included, are doing some really cool things with AI.

I’ll tell you more about what we’re working on real soon.

One of the biggest AI applications that I think sales teams are missing out on actually happens at the start of the sales process and that’s qualification.

So many sales teams waste so much time prospecting into bad-fit companies, but if you have a reasonably good definition of what a qualified prospect looks like, you can solve the problem of AI.

I wouldn’t say it’s easy yet, but it’s definitely doable and will get easier over time to set up a custom agent that can do three things.

One, it can visit a list of domains that you give it.

Two, it can check each domain for a series of questions that you give it. Things like, does the domain respond? Does the domain have a pricing page? Does the domain offer subscription products? Does the pricing start at greater than $100 a month? You get the idea.

Three, it can qualify each domain as a good fit or bad fit prospect based on these questions. With this type of qualification process, your list of 10,000 “might be good” prospects can shrink down to a list of 5,000 “definitely good fit prospects.” Or better yet, five segments of 1,000 “very good fit prospects” that are based on some criteria that you uncovered in your qualification process.

This type of qualification increases your signal-to-noise ratio and it makes your sales team more effective. It means a higher lead rate, a higher reply rate, a lower unsubscribe rate, and a lower complaint rate. And all of that’s good business.

You can build this yourself with a scraper and a custom agent, or you can use tools like or, or you can work with a partner like RevBoss to make it happen.