The Importance of Email Deliverability

Outbound email deliverability in 2024 is more art than science.

If anyone on this here social media website is telling you otherwise, they’re trying to scare you into buying something.

Are there technical requirements? Absolutely. But things like DKIM, DMARC, custom domains, cname redirects are all pretty easy if you got a good partner or if you’ve got someone on your team that knows what they’re doing.

Managing inbox and domain health, especially if you’re running a larger program is definitely complicated, but even that’s easy if you’re hitting the Inbox. And in my experience, once you’ve checked all the technical boxes, landing in the inbox comes down to one thing in one thing – relevance.

Relevance means right message to the right person. Right message means personalized, connected, creative copy that raises an opportunity or gets to a problem. Not lazy, AI, dreknot feature feeds and speeds.

Right person means the right job title at the right company, but more so it means problem and messaging alignment. Your flawless offer about a workflow tool for large sales teams doesn’t matter to me if I use HubSpot and I have a one person sales team even if my job title and company criteria makes perfect sense for your ideal customer profile.

Avoiding these misfires requires time and attention to detail, but it’s worth it.

Right person, right message means whatever keeps your emails hitting in the Inbox and keeps your outbound machine humming.