The RevBoss On-Boarding Booster

lightning-boltIt takes time (and a certain level of expertise) to create a successful outbound sales program. To get things off the ground, you need a solid prospecting plan, creative messaging and a process to follow — all of which can be daunting if it isn’t something that you’ve done before.

And because it’s 2017 and we’re all about instant gratification, you probably want to get started as soon as possible. This is why we’re introducing the new RevBoss On-Boarding Booster.

What is the On-Boarding Booster?

The Booster is an accelerated version of our standard on-boarding process that will have you up and running in a ready-to-move-in, fully furnished RevBoss account a few days after your start date.

We’ll work with your team to come up with a prospecting plan, and then we’ll start building the process for you — including custom messaging, account set-up and Segment creation. It’s completely hands-free on your end until everything is ready to go.

The Booster also means that our Founder & CEO will join your 30-day check-in call to share insights, gather feedback, and tell hilarious anecdotes.

Who is the Booster For?

The Booster is a great option for customers who want a little extra attention and help to get the ball rolling, but don’t have time to go through the standard on-boarding process. It’s also beneficial to customers who don’t have prior experience with running an outbound program.  

If you’re looking for the quickest and most effective way to start your outbound process and see results, the Booster is the way to go.

What Does the Booster Include?

  • Consultative On-Boarding:  Our team will work with your team to design a sales prospecting game plan…and then we’ll build the Segments, write the messaging, and architect the process for you to execute.
  • Custom Messaging: We’ll write custom messaging for your RevBoss Flows, up to 6 email touches. This process typically includes baseline messaging along with a number of pivots and blurbs tailored for specific verticals. We’ve created messaging for 100s of customers — so we know what works.
  • CEO Review: We do 30-day check-ins with all of our new customers…but only Booster customers get 30-day check-ins with our Founder & CEO.
  • Hands-Free Set-Up: We’ll take care of everything on the setup to-do list. Your account will be move-in ready in about a week or so, at which point we’ll schedule a call to make sure that you’re comfortable with the process and to send you on your way.

Shoot us a note if you’re interested in learning more.