The RevBoss Reporting and Analytics Overhaul

We’ve been working on a huge reporting and analytics overhaul for a few weeks now and we’re excited to share that it’s shipping early next week. Before we roll it out, we wanted to share a preview of all the new valuable insights and data that will be included.

Take a look at some early screenshots below or check out our overview video:

Throughput Report

The main graph on the new reporting tab (found within each of your RevBoss Flows) visually shows the progression of each step in the Flow over a period of time. You can use this part of the report to specify a date range and see how many prospects have completed each step during a given time. The goal here is to give you a quick glance of how many prospects are running through your process.

throughput-reportStep Activity

The section below the Throughput Report displays actions that occurred during each step in your Flow. It’s meaty and extremely useful.

If you have questions like…

  1. How many prospects have received my first message (or second, third, fourth, etc.)?
  2. How many people opened my email? / Who opened my email? (via click-through to Prospect Activity)
  3. How many responses have I gotten from this Flow/Step? / Who responded? (via click-through to Prospect Activity)
  4. How many phone calls/LinkedIn touches have been completed in this Flow?
  5. How many prospects haven’t finished the Flow yet? / How many prospects are pending (waiting to complete) at each Step?

…you can look at Step Activity to find the answers to those questions.  

This granular insight is valuable for many reasons. As an example, if you know that a prospect has opened your email, but they haven’t responded, you can use that knowledge to further target your highest-value prospects. You could send an additional follow-up email, try pinging them via LinkedIn/Twitter or lob in a quick phone call.

We often send a manual follow-up email to these prospects that looks something like, “Hi {{prospect}}, I noticed that you saw my previous email, but I haven’t heard from you yet — just wanted to check in and see if you had any questions.”  

Prospect Activity

You can access the Prospect Activity report either through the tab on the header bar, or by clicking through different data points in Step Activity. From here, you’re able to view every prospect in your Flow by step and status — you can select to view all prospects who have opened an email on any step, prospects who responded to a specific step, prospects who opted out of further communication, prospects who are still pending in the Flow, etc.

So again, if you have questions about who specifically engaged (or didn’t) with your outreach, you can easily find this information by looking at Prospect Activity.