The RevBot Beta is here…

We’re excited to share that our beta product — lovingly called RevBot — is ready to go.  The app is fairly basic, but enormously useful.  We’ve moved everything to a cadillac AWS implementation, so we now have the capacity to begin working with beta customers.

Fill out this form if you’re interested in being an early user.  Or keep reading for more info.

What Does the RevBot Do?

RevBot turns semi-structured contact data into useable email addresses.

All you need to do is upload a file that contains a list of companies, tell the app the idea job titles you’d like to prospect, and the RevBot will take care of the rest.

We’ve been using RevBot as a part of our secret sauce to power client engagements for the past few months.  We’ve used it to verify 10s of thousands of prospects for our clients and the results have been pretty great — see here and here

RevBot has made our prospecting data MUCH cleaner and our prospecting process MUCH faster.  For some industries we’re consistently getting a 50% to 60% match rate.  And the data is much cleaner than the stale stuff you buy off the shelf.  Plus, the RevBot is much easier to manage than a small army of $3 per hour lead generate freelancers that turn up bad data.

What Does the App Look Like?

Here is a screenshot of the job queue.  The blue jobs are completed and ready for download.  The green jobs are still in process.


Here is a screenshot of the contacts sourced from a particular job.  We’re finding all of the prospects and email addresses programmatically — all automated, all in the cloud.


We’re still working on the job start screen and we’re improving the job status screen.  By the time they’re done, you should be able to login and use the app yourself.  🙂

How We’re Using RevBot

We’ve figured out some clever ways to use our own tools over the past couple months:

  • Sales Prospecting — this is the obvious use case.  We’re processing 10s of thousands of records each week for our clients, all of which feeds outbound sales campaigns.
  • Post event follow-up — I always hate sponsoring an event and then getting the post-event attendee list…only to find that it doesn’t include email addresses.  RevBot can take care of that for you.  🙂
  • Cleaning up bounced email addresses — we’ve had success cleaning up bounced email records for clients and converting them into workable prospect addresses.
  • Digging into existing accounts — if you RevBot already found the VP Marketing at a company, find the VP Sales, COO, etc. is usually pretty easy.

Next Features On Deck…

We expect to add lots of new functionality fairly quickly in the coming weeks, particularly now that we have some additional product development resources thanks to a grant from NC IDEA.

  • UI — we have a UI today…but there isn’t much there.  We’ll add prospect profiles, search, and tagging in the coming months.  Perhaps some basic reporting after that.
  • Email confidence score — we’re storing template matches (first.last, first_last, etc.) for each domain we process.  We’ll use this data, as well as some social media data inputs, to indicate the likely validity of a prospect email address.  This data will also help us process records more quickly.
  • Seamless data sourcing — we’re still working on the kinks on a system that requires only company name and the desired job title to launch a prospecting job.  All of the pieces are there, we’re just threading them together and making incremental improvements.
  • Alternate domain data — we’re going to start sourcing alternate domains for the company records that RevBot processes.  For example, Johnson&Johnson’s website is, but email addresses are typically at
  • Nicknames — we’re going to start pivoting to common nicknames in order to increase processing yield.  For example, the first name William will trigger tests for William, Bill, Will, and Willie until we get a matched record.

We’d love your feedback to help plan and prioritize these feature ideas!  Fill out this form if you’d like to test drive the RevBot.