Thoughts From a CEO on Gratitude as a Goal or Resolution in 2024

I had a 2024 kickoff with one of my favorite people in the world this week and talked about goals and this person whipped out their phone and had a number of really good, effectively New Year’s Resolutions – things related to their family and their faith and personal finances and of course, work goals. There’s probably 8 or 9 things and at the end of the list was “being more grateful.”

And I just started laughing so hard that at the end of this list of do more, be better, get more, earn more, have a bigger impact was be grateful for what I have. And it’s funny because it’s so true.

The people that want to be high fliers, the people that are ambitious, the people that want to earn more and get more have a really hard time with gratitude – a particularly hard time. And I know I do and it’s a disgusting habit and I don’t know how to break it – So please send help.